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Transplant Care - Chapel Hill, NC | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - If you’re facing a heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas or bone marrow transplant, find compassionate, expert care at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, N.C.

  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/unc-childrens/ UNC Children's Hospital - Chapel Hill, NC - When your child needs care, turn to the medical experts at UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC, for compassionate and exemplary health care.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/patients-visitors/ Patients & Visitors | UNC Hospitals, Medical Center- Chapel Hill, NC - Explore a variety of resources dedicated to helping you prepare for your stay at UNC Medical Center.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/professional-education-services/ Professional Education for Nurses, Doctors, and Healthcare Providers in Chapel Hill, NC - Find information for professional education opportunities, professional services, and physician resources at UNC Medical Center.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/ UNC Medical Center - Chapel Hill, NC - When you need a hospital, rely on UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, NC, to provide you and your family with the latest advances in health care.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/care-treatment/transplant-care/heart-transplant-vad/ Heart Transplant & VAD - Chapel Hill, NC | UNC Medical Center - If you’re facing a heart transplant, get quality, collaborative care from specialists at the UNC Center for Transplant Care in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/care-treatment/transplant-care/liver-transplant/ Liver Transplant - Chapel Hill, NC | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - If you’re facing a liver transplant, get nationally recognized care from the experts UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/care-treatment/transplant-care/the-jason-ray-transplant-clinic/ The Jason Ray Transplant Clinic | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals- Chapel Hill, NC - In April 2016, UNC Hospitals changed the name of its transplant clinic to UNC Hospitals Jason Ray Transplant Clinic in honor of the late Jason Ray.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/care-treatment/infectious-diseases/ Infectious Diseases | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill, NC - If you are dealing with an infectious disease, an HIV diagnosis, or other chronic illness, the UNC Infectious Diseases Clinic can help.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/care-treatment/surgical-services/anesthesiology-/ Anesthesiology | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill, NC - Find expert, compassionate anesthesiologists at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, N.C.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/care-treatment/rehabilitation-therapies/physical-therapy/ Physical Therapy | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill, NC - When health conditions make it difficult for you to move around and do everyday tasks, UNC Medical Center’s Physical Therapy can make your life easier.
  • http://unctransplant.org/uncmc/patients-visitors/hotels/ Hotels and Lodging - Learn about various hotel and lodging options available during your stay at the UNC Medical Center.

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  • Books and Boys - I would highly recommend you getting your hands on this one

    Have you ever had that one friend who could be the life of the party and make everything awkward at the same time? Well I do, but she does provide great entertainment

  • Alegria - More oxygen in my nose!

    I can't live without these. That is, until I have surgery on my deviated septum. In the meantime, I can subscribe to these and they show up on my doorstep like clockwork and I can enjoy my sweet, sweet oxygen while I sleep. Ahhhh.

  • malwarehunter - Solid Protection!

    It seemed like for a while Kaspersky's protection was starting to lack but it seems like it has improved and provides solid protection from spam and malware. I use almost every feature the product offers with the exception of Safe Money. It seems to freeze up my browser a lot but other features like Virtual Keyboard and Network Monitor help me out a lot! I may eventually look into their Small Office Security to secure a few Windows Servers I also have running on my network for added protection. Overall, very good security unlike a few other products that I have used in the past.

  • Amazonian - Good improvement over Badger series

    This disposer replaces Insinkerator Badger 5X that broke after 6+ yrs or so. Ordered it and received the disposer in two days as expected. Plumber installed it. Works well. It is probably 40% quieter than the one before. Not a mega improvement but a welcome improvement. I also give it good grades on the overall footprint under sink. I have a tight under sink area and this compact disposer definitely helps a lot. It also looks a bit cleaner than the dated looking cast-iron Badger. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase. Lastly, for those of you considering Badger, compare Badger and Evolution and I highly recommend Evo series because of its sleek looks, less footprint, two blades as opposed to one in Badger (you get three blades in Evo Excellence but that was an overkill for my undersink area), and 40% quieter. Baffle is removable. Worth every penny. These do not come with power cord so if you need one, order one! Happy recycling!