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  • Robert Chapman - webroot

    This product does everything it says will do. It runs continuously in the backround to keep me up to date. About once a week or so I run a complete scan on webroot just to make sure I am not missing anything.

  • John - Blueprint to P*ssy

    This book is a must for every man. Even for those men who believe they know everything they need to know about women. After reading you will feel like the Bruce Lee of your sex life. It opened so many doors for me and put everything I did know into perspective. Not to mention I have gotten laid the last 4 out of 5 nights by applying just a few steps from this book on my wife.

  • Trisha Webb - Mmmmmmm Smells good!

    This smells SO GOOD. It's got more of a tropical smell than a straight up coconut one, which I really liked because sometimes coconut can get REALLY over powering, especially if it's synthetic. This stuff isn't really strong smelling, it's just a nice light fragrance, though I wouldn't advise trying to wear a perfume with it, not unless you got something that suits it. Otherwise it's going to clash and not in a good way. I would just advise to go without and let the natural scent from this stuff be your go to. I noticed several of my guy friends asking what I was wearing because it smelled delicious, so ladies, it works.

  • Cheryl-Ann - The next generation of rap

    Brilliant mind for a young artiste. Thought processes and perception of things are interesting. Jay-Z was my favourite rapper until I heard this album. First heard J.Cole on Miguel's song "all I want is you". He has far to go. Watch out Nas! New blood on the scene