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  • C. Sims - These actually work! Please see update review as well.

    There are four people in our family and one, constantly running HE top loading washing machine. We have a septic system, but the field lines for the washer run under our land. I thought I was doing a great job cleaning the washer weekly by pouring white vinegar and baking soda into the empty drum then setting the machine on the hot and heavy cotton cycle. I always leave the lid open when it's not being used to air the washer out. It never smell funky after several years of use and clothes were always clean. (Adding apple cider vinegar in the wash with your detergent works wonders on stinky men's yard/wood shop clothes, btw.)

  • mike ger - Good price, and 4 month supply in one box ...

    Not really sure if it is necessary to use Rid-X but use it monthly hoping it works as advertised. Good price, and 4 month supply in one box is a plus. But a little hard to judge how much to use each treatment.

  • Myra Binnicker - Happy with Rainbow

    This says to take three a day, but the doc read over it and said they were actually okay with one since they eat well and are healthy. He thought they were a good choice. They are a little bit big, but not really any different than other brands, such as Centrum. My older daughter said they are just a little spicy to her, but my younger daughter does not notice it. I tried one, and I did not detect it either. Some people may pick up on that though. They have both said these don't bother their stomachs like the teen vitamin packs they were taking from GNC do. I like that they are totally food derived as well.


    I know many women that have tried these new tests and they are giving false positives! These new tests are breaking hearts all over the world. WHY did you change your tests?!?! DO NOT BUY!!

  • S. Gabriel - This Product Really Does Work on Older Veneers! Love it!

    I have to say that this absolutely works! I was hesitant to purchase because it is expensive, but I finally decided to give it a try. I have old porcelain veneers that started to look dingy and this product claims that it will bring them back to their original color, so that is really what I was interested in doing, since I do not have the $$$$$ for new veneers at this time. I have been brushing for three weeks now with Super Smile and I do exactly as the directions instruct, I actually time my brushing, and I brush my teeth for TWO MINUTES once in the morning and once before bedtime; and my veneers are so much whiter and most of the stains appear to have disappeared.

  • Just a Corner of My Mind - Excellent Magnesium supplement

    I love this product and have been using it for over 20 years once it was introduced to me by a friend.

  • Amazon Customer - Stop Using Math as a Weapon

    So here you are on Amazon's web page, reading about Cathy O'Neil's new book, Weapons of Math Destruction. Amazon hopes you buy the book (and so do I, it's great!). But Amazon also hopes it can sell you some other books while you're here. That's why, in a prominent place on the page, you see a section entitled: