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UC Neurosensory Disorders Center | UC Neuroscience Institute | UC Health - The Neurosensory Disorders Center at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute (UCNI) offers hope, compassion and expertise to patients who

  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/about-us/ About Us | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - The Neurosensory Disorders Center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute (UCNI) treats a wide range of disorders and diseases that affect proper functioning
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/about-us/our-history/ Our History | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - The UC Neurosensory Disorders Center, which is anchored by the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, has
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/about-us/locations-directions/ Locations / Directions | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Patients who come to the Neurosensory Disorders Center are treated at the following locations: Inpatient Facility   University of Cincinnati Medical
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/about-us/specialty-centers/ Specialty Centers | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Adult Airway Reconstruction Program Our otolaryngologists have extensive expertise managing complex adult airway problems. Our airway reconstruction team,
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/types-of-neurosensory-disorders/ Types of Neurosensory Disorders | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - At the UC Neurosensory Disorders Center, our experts provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for patients suffering from many different types of
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/types-of-neurosensory-disorders/hearing-and-balance-disorders/ Hearing and Balance Disorders | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Hearing Loss Hearing loss is a common condition that affects patients of all ages, from infancy to adulthood. Hearing loss can result from bacterial and viral
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/types-of-neurosensory-disorders/swallowing-disorders/ Swallowing Disorders | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Acid Reflux In this condition, stomach acid will back up into the esophagous and sometimes into the larynx and pharynx. This can cause inflammation of the
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/types-of-neurosensory-disorders/voice-disorders/ Voice Disorders | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Symptoms of a Voice Disorder Many patients suffering from a Voice Disorder experience the following symptoms: shortness of breath, chronic hoarseness or
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/types-of-neurosensory-disorders/taste-and-smell-disorders/ Taste and Smell Disorders | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Taste Disorders It is rare for patients to truly lose their sense of taste. More often a loss of taste -- described as the inability to detect flavors of food
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/types-of-neurosensory-disorders/trigeminal-neuralgia/ Trigeminal Neuralgia | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Learn more about trigeminal neuralgia; including signs, symptoms and treatment. Make an appointment with one of our certified trigeminal neuralgia specialists today.
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/types-of-neurosensory-disorders/adult-airway-disorders/ Adult Airway Disorders | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis Idiopathic means “unknown cause” and subglottic refers to the part of the airway that is immediately below the vocal cords.
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/types-of-neurosensory-disorders/facial-paralysis/ Facial Paralysis | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Facial Paralysis is defined as the inability to move one’s face for eye closure, smiling, and/or facial expression. Diagnostic Testing and Treatment for Facial
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/our-team/ Our Team | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - At the UC Neurosensory Disorders Center, our team of otolaryngology experts (ear, nose and throat specialists) collaborates closely with specialists in
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/for-patients-and-caregivers/ For Patients and Caregivers | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - The UC Neurosensory Disorders Center is one of seven centers within the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Known
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/for-patients-and-caregivers/overnight-accommodations/ Overnight Accommodations | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - The Patient Relations Department at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) provides information on overnight accommodations if you should need to
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/for-patients-with-disorders-of-the-senses-hearing-voice-and-swallowing-taste-and-smell/support-groups/ Neurosensory Disorders Center Support Groups | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Cochlear Implant Recipient Support Group When: The support group meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month, 10 a.m. to noon. Where: St. Clare Convent, 60
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/for-physicians/ For Physicians | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Referrals The UC Neurosensory Disorders Center accepts referrals from around the United States and the world. To make a referral, please contact us directly at
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/research/ Research | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - The Neurosensory Disorders Center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute is committed to developing clinical and basic science research programs to help us
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/giving-and-donations/ Giving and Donations | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Donations are an important source of funding for the UC Neurosensory Disorders Center. They help support patient care, new technologies, and groundbreaking
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/contact/ Contact | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Thank you for your interest in the UC Neurosensory Disorders Center. Please use one of the following methods to contact us. General information: Phone: 866
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/category/in-the-news In the News | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - The UC Neuroscience Institute announced a $54.6 million campaign to build a dedicated facility for the study and treatment of disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke and epilepsy.
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/press-releases/couple-surprised-with-presidents-award-for-excellence/ Couple Surprised with President’s Award for Excellence | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Interim President Beverly J. Davenport presented the President’s Award for Excellence to Peggy and Gary Johns, longtime members of the UC family.
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/press-releases/uc-neuroscience-institute-named-in-honor-of-gardner-family/ UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute Named in Honor of Gardner Family | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - James and Joan Gardner in 2007. Photo by UC Academic Health Center Communications Services. Contact: Caitlin Whitehurst (513) 556-4395 caitlin
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/press-releases/new-home-planned-for-university-of-cincinnati-neuroscience-institute-2/ New Home Planned for University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Multi-million dollar fundraising campaign underway for new first-class facility, programming upgrades
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/press-releases/cancer-expert-says-seasonal-allergy-symptoms-that-persist-may-mean-a-bigger-problem/ Cancer Expert Says Seasonal Allergy Symptoms that Persist May Mean a Bigger Problem | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - A persistent sore throat, lump, hoarseness, or loss of voice could be a sign of sign of cancer.
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/press-releases/14m-gift-to-transform-home-of-nationally-recognized-uc-neuroscience-institute/ $14M Gift to Transform Home of Nationally Recognized UC Neuroscience Institute | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - The Gardner Family Foundation has committed $14 million to the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute to help fund a new state-of-the-art facility.
  • http://ucneurofunctionalcenter.com/hope-stories/franks-story-the-club/ Frank’s Story: Welcome to ‘the Club’ | UC Neurosensory Disorders Center - Some people have vacation homes. Frank has the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute. This is where he comes for comprehensive, compassionate medical care for

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  • Ricardo J Perez - useful tools

    this knife has become my most used item in my tool box. mostly due to the fact that its never in my tool box, but always in my pocket. almost every time i have to work on any vehicle, i'll end up using the screw drivers for something. a great product

  • Kawai Ibrao - Absolute great buy!

    I love this stroller! At first I couldn't decide between this and the g-luxe. What it really came down to was what did I want out of an umbrella stroller? I wanted something light, compact, and easy but I wanted it to be sturdy (I didnt want a little toy doll stroller that I see so many people pushing their kids in!). Yes the reclining seat is a great feature on the luxe but I didn't want to lug around an extra 5 lbs just for that. I already have a travel system stroller and the whole point of me getting an umbrella stroller was to cut down on the size and weight of that thing. I love this stroller, it's totally worth it, and I'm so glad I bought it. It's now my every day stroller and my travel system stroller is at my parents house so that when they watch my son they have something to use.

  • Stacey K. - Great taste!

    I just had to write in after reading a few negatives on the taste. I've tried a couple yogi teas and wasn't impressed with the taste until I met this one. I LOVE the taste of this tea. It also really feels excellent on a sore throat. I am not a fan of licorice and found that flavor in all the other yogi teas I've tried thus far. This one does not have any licorice flavor. It leaves a minty, menthol aftertaste, which I love.

  • dogs - Intuit continues to degrade it products

    First - I had Rental property 2.0 - An Excellent and outstanding Product. Was forced to upgrade to Quicken Rental property 2010 under the promise that there was a full conversion. It only converted the name of the property and tenant names zero on the registry. It took a year and a half to running in parallel and duplicate entries of a manual accounting conversion. It forced me to upgrade windows 7 to windows pro so the rental property 2.0 could run (only works in XP mode). Quicken Rental property 2011 manager was a useless product with many flaws. I returned this for full credit. Oh- Intuit changed their statement on full conversion in the 2011 time frame to only referential data(what a joke it did not even convert the basic data of rental 2.0). I purchased Rental property Manger 2013 (Dec 2012 - waited until there were patches-learned this from TurboTax). Found that you need to run personal ,investments all as separate files - if you put together in common file it forgets how to do accounting. The investment portion can not seems to adjust correctly brokerage activities and creates placeholders even after you have every thing balanced with the online accounts. The rental took a while to adjust to and has problems on split transactions of a deposits of multiple rental checks on a deposit. It can not match the splits with the rental center. The quality control on intuit products has fallen since 2010 on most of the desktop software. I will not use the mobile app of little value as I have no use for mint.com and the track record of intuit poorly introducing new features. Banking updates fail for at the intuit servers and you can not update the problem is not at the banking institution. You have to deactivate and reactivate to get it working. When you reactivate and get a new download it creates duplicate transaction as it does not check or match for existing transactions . There are many other problems but the thought to leave you with is that it took from 2010 to 2013 to transition off an excellent product to one that is vastly inferior and continues to degrade.

  • Julie Cole - Tried it and love it!

    Thus stuff is great! It does not take a long time to absorb. (Maybe it would if you use too much at once?) My little girl comes into my bathroom after Ive used it and says, "Ooh! Something smells good in here!". And she's right! It smells like a spa. Also, my skin still feels really soft later in the day. I will be buying again and recommending to friends. Good, quality, healthy ingredients and great outcome!

  • Lacey B - Safe for adults and children of all ages!

    If you have a small child who is hard to get to bed at night, put them in a routine. Make them some sleepytime before bed (you can add splenda or honey to make the tea sweeter). This will calm thier nerves and make for a restfull night of sleep. This has also shown to me to prevent a fight from a child who does not want to go to bed. With a cup or two of this tea they should be off to sleepyland.