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  • M. Mendes - Straight legit epiphany!

    As we all know, with age comes change....changes in our bodies that can be good or bad for our health. Most people will end up on some sort of prescription drug at some point in their life because they are led to believe they need it in order to be "healthy" or to avoid worse health problems. For years I've tried every "diet" in search of losing weight and getting healthy. Failure after failure led to weight gain, frustration, anxiety, and depression....which led to anti-depressant medication. I knew there was something wrong but couldn't figure it out.....I had done what I was led to believe to be the right thing to do (eat right, exercise, take my anti-depressants) yet something was just "off" and I wasn't getting any better, I was actually getting worse. I turned to my doctor for help in trying to identify what was wrong with me and when nothing came up, my defeat only continued. Through trial and error I began to wonder if maybe, just maybe, there was something wrong with my hormones and if such a thing as "sugar addiction" existed. Did sugar and synthetic chemicals, whether ingested or in my daily environment, mess my body up to the point that it didn't know how to function like nature intended...was that the reason I couldn't lose weight? Was that the reason I became so bad off that I ended up on anti-depressants? You should've seen my doctor's expression when I mentioned that. I knew I wasn't crazy and I knew there was something wrong and until I found this book I felt completely alone in my fight, which only intensified my depression leading to more anxiety and weight see the pattern forming? Well, now I am convinced that the answer is YES! The things Shane talks about just clicked for me and validated that what I was experiencing wasn't in my head and actually did exist! I found that while I was reading this book I kept thinking "OMG! That's what I've been trying to put into words to my doctor! This Shane guy gets it!" For me, this book was a straight, legit epiphany! Since I've put into practice the things he suggests, I've noticed immediate differences. I'm calmer, more focused, have less cravings, and for the first time in a long time I feel like I have control over my body and it's not in control of me. It's a process and I still have work ahead of me, but I'm so excited and have genuine hope that this will be the end of my trial and error journey. It's only been about a week since I've began supplementation and if things are changing for me that quick then you better believe I'm a huge fan and supporter of this book! I am so excited and am sharing this info with all my loved ones. It's a miracle and Shane is the man! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Shane has selflessly taken the time to put all of his knowledge out there for us to read and help educate ourselves. He's convinced me that he's genuine and honestly just wants to help! We do not have to be a victim! I was afraid to try natural supplements because my head had been filled with "not safe unless FDA approved"....well now I'm experiencing first hand that they are full of it! It should be "not safe IF FDA approved"! I see the conspiracy and it's sad! Outside of emergency medicine, you do not need prescription drugs. If it doesn't come from nature, it's foreign to your body and it will throw everything out of whack. If you want to get control of your health then this is a must read!!!

  • IslandGirl - Absolutely the BEST!

    The absolutely BEST (hands down) instant (or otherwise) mashed potato's I have ever had. Soooooooooo flavorful! And just 3 ingredients - potato's, sea salt and butter! This may or may not be a good thing as now that I know they exist, they're all I want to make as a side dish!

  • Taloncard - Does not do what it claims.

    If you watch the neat commericals it claims it can automatically scan all these documents at once then sort them and it automatically knows what is what. It does not do that at all. It's a good thing I don't depend on this for tax purposes. I just use it to scan in Bills so I don't have to file and hold on to the paperwork for years.

  • FordChick73 - Finally! Intercourse while Aunt Flo is visiting! Priceless!

    Sorry if this is a little direct but yay.... I mean, I can FINALLY book cruises and vacations without worrying about what time of the month we're going.... let's face it, nothing sucks more than booking a romantic cruise and then have Aunt Flo come to visit a week early..... (That happens waaaay too often...)

  • JSC24L - Won't be getting Quickbooks

    I own a small company and getting ready to purchase Quickbooks, but not now. These negative reviews turned me away from this product. The major reason I will not get it are the notes regarding how one gets all the pop-ups for additional services, and the additional costs. That is the sort of thing I hate the most from software developers.

  • alicia - Must try it once

    This stuff really makes a difference. This will kick start your weight loss. Women tend to retain more water and this stuff helps you loose that extra water weight and accumulates. I have seen a big difference since I added this stuff to my workout routines.