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  • connie billingsley - It's great

    I heard about this product from a lady who lives in Germany. She told me it removes lime scale build up on shower doors, and other things. I tried it, and love it. I'm ordering another for my daughter. And, the lady who is going back to Germany is ordering 3 to take back with her. Definitely worth a try

  • goblue - Go get this today!

    Wow, after reading a few of the negative reviews, I expected this to be a flimsy piece of garbage. In reality, it's a dream come true. Our 2.5 year old, after the first night, picked this up right away and is now waking up at 7 instead of 6. Mom gets to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet before she has to get the kids off to school. We've had this for three days and every morning he wakes up right at 7 and says, "It's green!"

  • Jessica S. - It's ****ing Awesome!

    Holy ****ing ****! (As they would say in this series!) I thought Illuminae was a wicked and wild read that totally blew my mind, but Gemina has leveled the playing field, if not topping it! Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff prove once again what an excellent writing team they make that they could give us yet another kick*** book to read! Those 659 pages flew by! The downside to reading the ARC, besides having to wait loooooonger for the next book is the lack of pictures. Not all the pictures and artwork were present in the book, but in the grand scheme of things, that's not a total hardship. Granted, I will be awaiting the finished copy to peruse the pages for said artwork and pictures!

  • Tiger Woo - RTX Mini is great, sync with my headphone in two seconds and ...

    I first insert the optical cable the wrong side and broke the optical cable that comes with it. After contacting Miccus and figure out the problem and after replacing the optical cable, RTX Mini is great, sync with my headphone in two seconds and works like a charm. Technical support is prompt and knowledgeable, highly recommend this product.