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  • Jestifex - An All Natural Energy/Pump Booster With Quick Results! However, Energy/Pump Is Short Lived And Product Is Way Overpriced!

    1. Look/Design: I really like the professional design of the product. It has an all natural ingredient formula and has precise directions for use. The expiration date can be clearly found on the bottom of the bottle. "1.00 STARS!"

  • Russ Hanush - Good for preetens

    Good info, but I work with high schoolers. This is really for younger, more impressionable students.

  • ClassicStyle - Fun for the whole family!

    Great game! The family loves it. What Does the Fox Say and Let it Go from Frozen are our favorites. Mana Mana! Badee badee bee!

  • Kristen Abbott - PIZZA FACE

    I bought this since I'm in my mid twenties and still suffering from bad acne, and in the past I've used Proactiv and it's cleared me right up. Not having the money right then to buy Proactiv, I settled for this.

  • Mary - These products are great! Not one product gave me any side effect

    These products are great! Not one product gave me any side effect. I can stay overweight and have a heart attack or be a diabetic or I can use these products and lose weight and get healthy again. It's not all about making money it's about changing people's lives. I have told other people about other products but the company did not compensate me for sharing but this company does. I just want to share these products get people's life back and if I make some that's okay but it's not the reason why we are doing this. I feel full all day have to eat or drink every two to three hours so no it's not a starvation diet. There are always negative people in this world but I promise you this program works only if you follow what they tell you to do!

  • Clinton Coe - Only water conditioner I use

    Prime is the best water conditioner I have ever used and it the only one I will use on my tank. It conditions the water and doesn't effect pH. It won't kill your biomedia either. A lot goes a long way too; a cap full conditions 5 gallons of water. It seems a bit pricey but it really isn't because you use so little of it, a 500ml bottle lasts me a year. I highly recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - THIS STUFF WORKS!!

    I was skeptical about this product and the price (purchased at Target) for $28 which had me screaming a silent scream at the cost but I was tired of having this constant discharge that had been going on for about 3 weeks. I bought it on a Saturday and I kid you Monday...there was NO more gross discharge!!! I will most certainly pay the $$ every month for this product.