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  • Charlie's Angel - Bright selfie light!

    I wanted light for taking selfies and ordered this LED Clip on Selfie Ring light for my phone. It clips on easily to any phone. It is very light and easy to take along. Requires two AAA batteries not included in the box. There are three levels of brightness, low, medium and high. The high setting is very bright and blinding! We use this both indoors and outdoors when ever lighting is low. To be able to adjust the level of light needed with option of three settings is nice. The clip is strong and grips phone very well. Since it fits any phone, we are always fighting as to who gets to use it.

  • Jeannie - Great for Newbies

    I didn't know anything about Ghostbuster's until I read this book. It's well thought out and has a lot of interesting facts and anecdotes.