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  • NHRN - Many errors prevent text from being good as it could be

    I rate this text 3 because if the errors in this book were corrected, it would be a very good book. I'm a Registered Nurse, taking an online Medical Coding course that uses this book and it's associated online course. Although this textbook has many good aspects (good illustrations, good practice problems, and others), there are also some troublesome problems. The main problem is that there are numerous errors in both the text and the online course, including wrong medical definitions, descriptions, and explanations; wrong answers in the answer key to practice problems; inconsistencies; many others. This may not be as big a problem if the student has a teacher to clarify. But if you are taking an online course, you are reading the entire text and course and you are relying heavily on the text for your understanding of the material. Since I can't be sure if my answer is wrong or the book is wrong, I have spent precious time tracking down correct answers and information, which eats up the time I have for learning this material. I noticed there are two RN's on the Editorial Review Board for this text, and frankly I am shocked that RN's endorsed these printed errors. I am using the 2005 edition, which appears to be a 6th edition, so I'm wondering why the publisher hasn't done a more responsible job of editing by now. If you aren't a nurse or doctor, the errors in this text will misinform you, confuse you, and/or steer you in the wrong direction in medical coding.

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