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  • Pregnancy Miracle Review – Is it a Scam? - A real, in-depth Pregnancy Miracle review by Jenna Lee. Does it work? Is it a scam? This review exposes the truth behind this pregnancy program.
  • Causes of Infertility - Learn the major causes of infertility in women trying to get pregnant and discover the treatment options available.
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Care – Drug Use in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - Learn how to evaluate the benefits and risks of drug use in pregnancy and breastfeeding to you, your fetus and your newborn.
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  • Alexandra Sorenson - The best way to explore that country is without a plan

    This guide helped me so much while driving around Iceland. The best way to explore that country is without a plan, and this helped me identify all of the great things that were around me, wherever it was I ended up each day.

  • 64Driver - This thing is great, will fit in a pocket

    This thing is great, will fit in a pocket, but plenty of juice to recharge an iPad. I travel a lot and had a bunch of smaller units that I was juggling. This let me just charge and carry device. It's about the same size as a cell phone and plat enough to put in almost any bag.

  • Defg - Love this product

    Love this product! My contractor recommended that I start using after he installed my hardwood floors. This product keeps my floors shiny and clean and protect them against my two children who are always dropping and dragging toys across it.


    After weeks of an inability to breathe properly due to chronic COPD, and finding all four of my breathing medications ineffective, I discovered Serrapeptase. It sounds weird, but after only 2 doses the condition which i THOUGHT WOULD END WITH ME IN AN EMERGENCY ROOM FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE WAS COMPLETELY ERASED. IT WAS AS IF i HAD NEVER HAD THE PROBLEM. i HAVE NOT USED ASTHMA MEDICATIONS IN 2 YEARS NOW THANKS TO SERRAPEPTASE. i DO ADMIT IT IS ANOTHER MEDICATION, BUT AT LEAST THIS ONE DOES NOT CAUSE SIDE AFFECTS OR HAVE STEROIDS IN IT WHICH COULD MESS WITH OTHER BODY PARTS.