IHV Global Health Initiatives - Global Health Initiatives of the Institute of Human VirologyThe Institute of Human Virology has been a leader in Global Health since 2004.The Institute of Human Virology’s Global Health Initiatives program has positively impacted numerous national health systems and millions of patients. Drawing on the IHV’s unique institutional strengths of a storied record in virology research, a world-class infectious disease training program and co-location with one of America’s leading medical schools and inner-city hospitals, the Global Health Initiatives has strengthened national health systems and institutions, provided medical education and conducted research in more than 10 low- and middle- income countries around the world

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  • The IHV Way — IHV Global Health Initiatives - IHV applies a unique paradigm to expand equity and effectiveness in global health services - harnessed through years of lab, clinic and field experience.Evidence based Medicine with a Public Health ApproachIntense focus is maintained on the evidence basis for interventions, and IHV constantly seeks long term impact and sustained outcomes at both patient and community levels.Acceleration of bench to bedside InterventionsWith expertise and facilities that address the whole spectrum of intervention development, IHV accelerates the provision of proven interventions from research to patients.Applicability and Sustainability within local contextsIHV invests heavily in building local human resources and infrastructure capacity. IHV also establishes continuous quality improvement practices for services that are maintained by local personnel.
  • Partnerships for Impact — IHV Global Health Initiatives - IHV has partnered with numerous organizations and national institutions committed to Public Health.Below is a snapshot of organizations IHV has partnered with since 2004.
  • Implementation Science Research — IHV Global Health Initiatives - Implementation Science research seeks to create generalizable knowledge that can be applied across settings and contexts to answer different questions.As defined by the Annual NIH conference on Implementation and Dissemination, implementation science is "the use of strategies to adopt and integrate evidence-based health interventions and change practice patterns within specific settings". Research on implementation addresses the level to which health interventions can fit within real world public health and clinical service systems.IHV works with the President's emergency Plan for AIDS relief to researchvarious strategies used to implement programs geared towards containing the HIV epidemic, and to devise plans for the effective scale up of best practices and evidence based interventions.

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  • Amazon Customer - Works as advertised, very satisfied with results.

    Product is not that easy to use and takes a little time and elbow grease, but it is very effective and you will be very surprised at how well it works. I would leave at least two hours, follow the instructions and watch the Video. Each step should be followed through, it will become easier once you understand why you are doing it, and see the results as you so (from first step to last your see results). If you need to try and fix a small part, you need sand or polish the entire Lens, start at top and work to bottom, otherwise you will have streaks.

  • Big G - A good alternative to those who want a monitored system without a landline.

    Pretty easy to install. I didn't trust the adhesive in my very hot climate. I have had bad experience with the glues letting go after a time with other self adhering products. Not a big issue since they also include small screws to supplement the installation. The glue helps with the placement and holding of the wireless magnets and sensors while you are mounting the sensors with the screws. The instructions are pretty clear and the only problems I had was with the size of the screws being very small and not easily handled as well as removing the covers to find the screw mounting holes. Both not a big issue. i purchased extra sensors and had to go thru one more step so the base station would recognize the sensors. Again not a big issue the instructions are good. For those of you that want a system that isn't monitored. The only issue I ran into in the beginning is that before I signed up for monitoring the base station blinked and an error showed that there was no monitoring. I read the instructions and found no way to turn that off. The alarm still worked as far as I know but you would have to call to find out if the error could be turned off. The web site says that you don't need to sign up for monitoring so I would guess there is a way to turn it off.

  • Louise Washington - Nerium AD/FIRM is definitely NOT for everyone!

    Nerium AD is definitely NOT for everyone! Day Cream fumes caused eyes to burn, the night cream caused nose to burn, and FIRM caused a major rash that has turned into a mix of welts/bumps that have yet to heal so guessing this product kills more than cells and wrinkles as I am still seeing a Dermatologist using 2nd batch of prescriptions to treat skin reaction.