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  • Kyle - Light of 6,000 Suns

    I needed a durable flashlight with multiple modes to use in various lighting conditions. After spending hours researching I decided on this. I have had this flashlight over six months. In that time I have dropped it on runways, tile, wood, and it has been a champ. Obviously there are a few nicks in the paint, but the light itself is sturdy as ever. The dimmest mode is extremely useful when your eyes have adjusted to your room at night, or you need to read in the dark. The brightest mode will fry the retinas of anyone who looks directly at it. I verified that immediately after I took it out of the box. Seriously, someone probably turned on the brightest mode and shined it at the sky which is why our ozone has a hole in it. It looks like daytime with this light maxed out. It holds a charge for an extremely long time. I have only charged it three times and I used it daily for four months. If you hold the brightness selector button down it engages the brightest mode and turns to a strobe. If this light ever quits working I would immediately buy another. I have used Surefires, Streamlights, Smith & Wesson, Maglite, none compare to this.

  • Kyle R McCombs - Best seed on the market!

    There is good and bad reviews on here, mine is a good review. I bought this seed and over seeded my lawn after using a tow behind core aerator, I did nothing else except water my lawn daily and add the cal-mag. I had neighbors coming over and telling me that my lawn has never looked so good and looks so much better then theirs (people around me have sod or professionally maintained lawns) For the little time I spent on it it transformed my house in having some of the worst lawns around to making my yard look like one of the best. Curb appeal is huge and this did it for me. I will over seed every spring and fall with this product. I tried many different brands such as Scotts and Pennington and Jonathan Green blew them all away with ease! Also just so you know the Ultra comes with Rye grass in it so it will sprout fast but only last a year, makes lawn look good for short period of time while the "good" grass grows in. If you do not want this then get the regular Black Beauty not the Ultra.

  • rose jones - Didn't work for us

    Well, I had high hopes this would improve relations between two grumpy cats in my household. Unfortunately, we noticed no fact, I actually think it made things worse. They went from a hostile stalemate situation, to out-and-out fighting! I see from all the reviews that this product is helpful to many, though, so maybe we were just unlucky. If you are desperate, it's worth a try. I would never say that just because it didn't work for us, it won't work for someone else.

  • alsipks - Not for me

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. While I normally do the read this type of book, I wanted to give it a try. If the alpha would have truly been an alpha, the book would have been better.

  • lucas merriman - Crooks

    Be warned. I don't write bad reviews ever. These guys are crooks. First realize that once you get the exhaust you will need to wait before you install it because guess what it doesn't come with exhaust gaskets. Ok fine but guess what the designed the exhaust to not work with stock exhaust gaskets you have to purchase new ones. The great part about this is they don't tell you this anywhere in the description. Second the instructions are absolutely horrific. I hope you can install this off of a couple words no pictures. Third finally get exhaust installed got everything finally and guess what paint starts flaking off almost immediately. Trust me when I say you should look somewhere else they do not care at all and will leave you high and dry nobody did a single thing about it. You've been warned I should have listened as well I got screwed out of my money hopefully I can prevent others thanks for reading