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  • Hypnagogia; a Mysterious and Misunderstood Sleep Disorder - The Sleep Hub - The short space of time before we fall asleep is a strange one; it’s the time when we’re not quite in the world of the waking and not quite in the world of slumber…it’s the twilight zone if you like…that short window when nothing is quite concrete. Technically, this period of time is called “the hypnagogic state
  • Kleine Levin Syndrome - The Sleep Hub - Kleine Levin Syndrome is a rare disorder which affects mainly male teens; the main symptoms consist of an insatiable appetite for sleep known as hyper-somnolence and also behavioural difficulties and cognitive disturbances. Some boys are also found to suffer from hyper-sexuality in addition to
  • Night Terrors; what are they and how can they be treated? - The Sleep Hub - During a night terror, the person suffering will appear to be awake but be unable to focus normally; they do not appear to see the person trying to help them and have a “glazed” expression. This can of course be very distressing to witness
  • Sleep Hygiene - If you’re someone who struggles with insomnia then you may have heard the term “sleep hygiene” bandied about…but what exactly is sleep hygiene? Is it the same as having a shower or a bath before bed? Nope…it has very little to do with physical cleanliness (although that can play a part) and everything to do with routines and general habits! For some people the battle for a good night’s sleep is constant and as a result they’re only performing to half of their capacity in terms of work and study. A lack of sleep can be
  • Sense & Pill Sleep Monitor - The Sleep Hub - This eye-pleasing sleep aid is pretty cool. Hack and monitor your sleep & sleeping environment with this devise. The latest in sleep monitoring technology.
  • Sleeping With Plants - The Sleep Hub - Here are 5 plants that are not only beautiful, but also extremely beneficial for your bedroom. Pick your plant from our list and sleep soundly tonight!
  • ONLINE SLEEP COURSES - The Sleep Hub - If your sleeping problems are getting you down and you have decided to finally do something about it, one of these highly- regarded online sleep courses (that cost less than the price of one night away!) could be the perfect solution
  • Parasomnia: End The Nightmare Now With These Methods - The Sleep Hub - Extremely disturbing nightmares are bad news! They can leave a person exhausted and tormented. Help for Parasomnia (bad dreams and sleep disorders) is at hand

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  • Erik Muzzy - Always loved this stuff

    I have always loved this stuff since I first used it in 1990. I absolutely love the smell. It's a little nostalgic but it's moisturizing and it smells like watermelon to me...

  • Agashiiyah - Legit and awesome 😊

    This product is really awesome! Ordered it for my upcoming exam. Took it a 2 months before my nursing exam and voila, concentration to the highest level. I can feel the difference! This is not a product to make you smart! I dont believe there's such a thing. This is a product that will help you boost your concentration and I could feel the difference! My focus is awesome and was able to answer more practice questions! This product helped me so much and Im an RN now. Thank you Onnit!!!