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  • i30t - Nero is the best

    Nero 2016 Platinum burning software Who doesn't like them. This is the best of the best burning software out there.

  • Patricia Lee Zelley - Bitesefender A+++++

    I would never use any other product to secure my electronics. Easy to install and doesn't jam up computer with "behind the scenes" programs like other anti virus products.

  • yaya49 - Retinol cream from Majestic Pure for face and neck.

    Very pleased with the results of this product. The top is pressure operated. So when you remove the clear top and press the cover on top of the retinol a small amount comes out of the top without wasting product. Easy to swipe off with your finger and apply to your face. Then replace the clear top with a snap of the lid. I will purchase this product again.

  • Amazon Customer - its good for a little extra glow if you're early 20 or younger

    I've been using this serum maybe 3 times a week. I'm not old so I wasn't looking for much other than clear skin and a glow. The glow comes if I use regularly. My pimples from hormones come and go as they please this serum doesn't work for that. It's watery, and a side note, I've noticed thicker eyebrows since I've started using it. Probably from the vitamin e.

  • Meers - Worked wonders for my daughter!!!!!

    This saved my sanity. My daughter was very fussy, gassy, constipated and would puke a lot with every other formula that we tried. She was diagnosed with a protein allergy. Some protein found in milk she was allergic to. This saved us countless sleepless nights. It smells horrible and tastes horrible to me but she loved it!!!!. She is now 1 and were trying to switch her to regular whole milk. We make the bottles 50 50 mix now. Almost immediately we noticed that she was still gassy but no where close to when she was first born. Hoping to switch completely in the next couple weeks.

  • Tavia Rampersad - ... son and I have to admit that we TOTALLY love it. It is so soft and comfortable that ...

    Im already the owner of a Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 car seat for my son and I have to admit that we TOTALLY love it. It is so soft and comfortable that my little girl and boy fall asleep when they strapped in.

  • Eileen Kaplan - Interesting piece of histoty

    I was interested to read this, as I live in Asheville. It was a good enough story, and the characters were terrific. Fine ending, too