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  • Once a debutante, always a debutante - Excellent Value for Non Professionals

    I have been extremely happy with this set of knives, and for only $40 I believe them to be an excellent value. The blades are sharp and well constructed, and the handles are comfortable and seem durable. The set only comes with two long knives, so you may find yourself washing them while cooking, but we like to use the steak knives for chopping smaller vegetables or trimming meat and have thus rarely found that we are short on knives while cooking. If you're looking to do professional work, these knives probably won't fit your needs, but for an average cook, we use them a lot and haven't found anything they can't handle. Plus, you are getting the set for about $3 per knife, and these knives would run at least $10 to $15 each if purchased individually or at a local retailer.

  • Victoria - If you love to learn about the coolest

    So interesting! I got this for my husband for Christmas and he couldn't put it down. If you love to learn about the coolest, silliest, weirdest things and why they are the way they are, this book is for you!

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  • Venkataharish Kotta - Not for TMOBILE

    It does not work on T-Mobile 3g. It is not acceptable, phone made in US and it does not work on T-Mobile 3g. It works on t-mobile edge though, but really really slow. If you buying it to use data on ATT, it is OK phone to buy.

  • mloreto - Terrible Customer Support

    I have had nothing but problems with this product since I bought it. I wish I could return it and buy something better. If you want support from sage you need to get it within the first 30 days or pay for it. I have had problems with everything I want to do with this product. I should have bought Microsoft Access.

  • Marisha Anderson - Great Product!

    My daughter hates the smell, i like the smell, but I'm into herbal smelling things. Her school is super irresponsible about lice. She has gotten lice 3 times this year, but since using this, it has failed to come back. Hopefully it stays gone for good!