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  • Dean - Waste of time, there are better things out there...

    First of all, there is nothing at all magic about PCMatic. This is just a collection of utilities that purport to "repair" problems on your Windows-based PC. The reason the program is not worth the time, is that there are already FREE utilities out there that are not only more effective, but have a much better track record, and don't insist you pay up to $49.95 for the privilege of using them. On later versions of Windows, a lot of the "tools" in PCMatic are simply not necessary anyway. Computers become "slow" mainly because of excessive fragmentation on non-SSD hard disks, excessive numbers of running programs, or virus/trojan infections that are consuming CPU cycles and bandwidth with their activities. Very often these issues can be handled without buying anything.

  • Allen Kingsley - Unreliable

    I love the software but the gps is very unreliable sometimes taking 1 1/2 hours to start working. When it does work, it's great. I always have to have a 2nd gps or I would have to resort to a regular road map. I would only recommend it if you must have a map on the computer. I depend on it for a living and have called customer support several times. This is a frustrating experience alone. Once you finally get a customer service in India or somewhere, they are helpful. They will access your computer remotely. It is very time consuming. Expect a minimum of 1 or 2 hours to speak with a represenative and up to a day or two with all the back and forth phone calls.

  • Wong - Great product

    This is a great pinhole camera. It works great. It is a solid camera with a battery that will last the device hours. It is a very solid camera. It has great camera quality. I would recommend buying this camera.