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  • Alex LeDudeman - It's a different kinda animal, but I love it.

    I personally love this ball, but I have to take one star off because nobody wants to play with it. Beginners and especially girls complain it's too hard, even though I have it inflated to slightly below regulation. They also complain it feels "small" even though it's official size. I love the panel design, the cover texture and feel, and the color scheme. I find it very easy to track in the air against a background of bright fluorescent lights which makes my hitting more consistent. The slightly denser feel of this ball compared to the crappy 18 panel Wilson and Baden balls at my gym makes it easier for me to place my sets, though hitting requires a bit more precision on the player's part. This is a player's ball, and if you got game, you'll probably enjoy it. If you're a beginner or complain when your forearms get red, then stick to your open gym's stock marshmallows.

  • Yoly Va - Great scents for my own home remedies

    I am trying to get myself educated on how to use these therapeutic oils. My mom use to have a great variety of oils all over my home when I was young, and she used to use them on us when we were sick or just for changing our moods and keep us calmed. I am trying to do that now with my kids, my younger daughter is to active and troublesome, so I wanted to try an essential oil that will keep her calm at least during night time or resting time. I need to teach myself how to use all these oils and create combinations so I can help myself and my family for end. They came in a pretty professional box and they where labeled with their essential scent. I have purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • JenB - Causes Terrible Canker Sores

    The problem is, I have Lupus and my mouth is sensitive. There are only three toothpastes I can use that don't cause sores in my mouth, and it's not just SLS or numbing agents I have to avoid. After 2 uses of Dr. Katz TheraBreath Oral Rinse mouthwash I had terrible, large canker sores on my tongue, the roof of my mouth and in my throat. I bought this based on the claim it helps canker sores (does not cause them) and breaks up tosilliths, which I get. Well, that is simply untrue and I wasn't able to use it long enough to find out about tonsil stones.

  • stevie - Swiffer is both overrated, but useful.

    I can't believe I am reviewing a cleaning product, but here it goes. I think the criticism about the swiffer really belongs to the separate pads or wipes you have to buy. The actual sweeper is okay overall. I have not experienced any breakage myself nor does it feel prone to breakage. However, I have seen this complaint come up while reading other reviews so I feel like it should be acknowledged. Overall, it feels a little less sturdy than I immediately anticipated, but not close to feeling to "flimsy".

  • Pennie - Hope in a Jar - love it!

    I started buying this product after I saw it on Oprah's favorite things. It is great! It is really light on the skin. I have oily skin and a lot of creams and moisturizers make me break out. This never does. It make my face feel soft and subtle. It's great when you fly when traveling, too, because you can apply it and not feel like you have anything on except fresh skin! I am not often satisfied with skin care products and switch around a lot. But I have used this every day for at least 2 years and always make sure I have an extra. It lives up to it's name!

  • Ms. Bee - This story is excellent!

    I loved this book. Generally speaking I really enjoy Charlaine Harris books. This story was completely different from most of her other work. You must read it!