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  • Don Joyner - Read it if you can take it

    I love it to the degree that it is a data driven picture of where our path as a nation has been taking us over the past 30 years. I don't love the message of the social and economic bifurcation that ensued from the social and economic policy of that period.

  • critique - People, it actually works !!!!!

    Hello there. Well, honestly, I have always been told that none of the toothpastes can whiten your teeth, Ever!!!. I purchased a tester of this after reading an article in Men;s Health. After a week i saw no results and was going to throw it away, but!!!!!! after 2 weeks or so I noticed that my teeth became whiter noticeably. My gumline was always yellower than the rest of the teeth, even though i used whitening strips. But this tooth paste made them evenly whiter. Now i am gonna finish my strips and buy a regular size of this. I am not sure if the paste or the booster works the miracles, but i would buy both. Happy teeth!!!

  • Nick - Theres a reason for only four stars...

    I would give this five stars if it came with instructions on how to get rid of whatever you summon. I mean sure, it was cool at first having a demonic entity living with me at my house, but now it's keeping me up at night. Great product for kids though.

  • AnnaBelle'sGiGi - Good in the right place!

    For the channels it receives they are nice and clear. Those channels are odd ones. I can not receive the national networks.Unfortunately I live in a heavy tree area and can only receive 5 channels. I would not recommend this for someone living in the woods. For someone on an elevation above the tree line, or in an open area it would be great.

  • Carla B. - Yummy!

    The smell is as yummy as it's name ( I got the warm vanilla sugar; scent reminds me of ginger snaps!)! Crème Brûlée is worth every cent. Creamy, not heavy, provides great moisture, nourishing my hair - soaks right in. Have had this product for only 2 weeks, used for a twist out with water and Indie Ultra 10x and got the best results ever - soft but well-defined twists with great sheen, with very little frizz (a definite thumbs up, because frizz and my hair have been well acquainted! LOL). So glad I found out about KeraVada's products!

  • Ashley Roybal - Don't fall for this scam!

    My mother was the one that started all of this.What's even worse, is that for as long as I can remember she is SUPER against pyramid schemes, so I have no idea what they said or did to get her to become involved in this, or the fact that she is obsessed with youth and beauty that made her want to be a part of this.

  • Traci - Good product

    I actually use this to occasionally shave off peach fuzz facial hair above my lip. It's perfect for that! No shaving cream needed.