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  • Melle - Strong Acetone smell

    Didn't like this product at all! Didn't see any difference in my skin. It isn't actually difficult to remove the film the next day as some have stated. Wet wash cloth works. Didn't feel tight if you put moisturizer on first. While applying it, my throat and nose burned and sore throat and headache followed. After 2 nights of use, both of my eyes were swollen shut in the morning. I thought the swelling was unrelated. So I waited a few day for the swelling to go down. Sure enough, the swelling returned after the second attempt to use this product. I don't know if it was from the acetone or some other ingredient. I can't recommend anyone use it.

  • Jason A - Some good, some great, some bad. All in all, not for me.

    I purchased the size Small, Anchor model. Here are my comments, some negative, a lot of positive, but ultimately decided this bag wasn't the one for me.

  • Vinod Menon - A school standard

    I bought this for my son - who needs to get into the habit of using it. I have used one since I was a kid and find it adequate to the task of school assignments. The editors do a good job of updating and editing and keeping it relevant.