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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Peter - through away good money, but not manufacturers fault.

    I can't really it because my chicken s*** son-in-law is too scared to let the kids ride it. He won't even open the box

  • John Barnett - Side 2 of Concept of Greatness

    On side 2 of THE WALL, Pink is now fully immersed in the wall he has constructed around himself. He begins to call for help, shouting HEY YOU! at everyone who passes by. When no one responds, he begins to wonder IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? When he realizes that no one is there to help him, and when he comes to grips with his father's death, he becomes COMFORTABLY NUMB in a world of heroin addiction (hence the two 'swollen hand' references on side 2). Once he is immersed in drugs and has lost all hope, he contemplates suicide, but realizes that he cannot take the easy way out, and that THE SHOW MUST GO ON. The new, more fascist Pink then emerges. He tells his audience that the old Pink "isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel." This new Pink is insistent that his fans be loyal to him, and carry out his desires, as this is his only form of attention. When his fans refuse to carry out acts of bigotry for him, he tells them they'd better RUN LIKE HELL to escape his wrath. He soon realizes that he is a fake, and begs everything and everyone to STOP! When his life comes into full focus, he must endure THE TRIAL to see if he is responsible for his fate, or if the fault lies with that likes of his schoolmaster, his mother, or his wife. He is found guilty, and sentenced to be 'exposed before his peers.' Once he realizes that all if the people who have been torturing him all his life were really trying to help him all along, he manages to make it OUTSIDE THE WALL. THE WALL is a brilliant album.