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  • Lacydeau - Nice camera for a great price!

    I work 3rd shift which means my house is left unattended at night while I work... well almost vacant. I have dogs. Rottweilers and to be honest I always wondered what they do while Im not there at night. I was super excited to be able to get this camera to monitor them & my house while I'm away.

  • A. Thomas - Nice planner

    Nice size and plenty of room for notes. Bought this as a gift for my College age daughter. She asked for this specific one.

  • Fuzzball - Bought Twice, Defective Twice

    I decided to try Dorco because of the relatively positive reviews and the price. I ended up buying two razor handles and ended up having the same problem with both of them. I needed tweezers to disconnect the cartridge from the handle every time. The small part that is suppose to push into the cartridge to release it kept missing. I thought the first handle was just defective, so I purchased this package again to get a new handle. I had the same problem with the second one! I looked back on the reviews, and apparently I'm not the first reviewer to experience this problem.