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  • Lonnie Green Jr. - Not too impressed

    Based on reviews, I purchased because I believed it was a must have. I was wrong. The instructor goes too fast for my liking. Thus I repeatedly have to watch a video over and over to get a good understanding of the topic. The dvd has not really been beneficial to me at all. I could have saved my $50. You won't be "missing" anything like I thought I was. Besides, you can find pretty much the same teachings for free on the web (trust me on this one). You would better be served purchasing a MOS guide in the areas you seek knowledge in. The picture of the box is misleading since it appears you would be getting a bunch of dvds. However that is not the case. It is one dvd that covers all the topics. Disappointed with this purchase.

  • J. Jorden - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

    I made the mistake of ignoring the bad reviews and thought I would be able to figure out how to fix the problem. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN! I ordered this app the night before my draft, plugged in our league scoring, and then when it came time to draft the next day, it did not work at all. NOTHING. I contacted Rotowire and they said they tried to contact Amazon, and said that Amazon does NOT refund or guarantee any digital purchases. I will NOT be using again, and will go back to paper and pencil next year. BAD CHOICE IN BUYING THIS APP.

  • Wei Liu - nice!

    Totally it's good, the only thing I dissatisfy is the badminton is broken only use twice, it split into two part, oh my god!