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  • OdieMan - Wondful pen.

    A very elegant pen which compliments the Waterman Ballpoint pen that was passed on to me from my father. Smooth writing rollerball and the heft feels nice in the hand.

  • R R Mulder - Great product

    I love Golf Digest, but the digital is harder to navigate. I still prefer the real magazine. The digital has features you don't have in the magazine which is great.

  • Seri - No difference?

    I tried this for over three weeks as directed and I have not noticed any difference. Discounted product provided for review.

  • PaDawg - So its pretty much useless for converting files with HD Audio to ...

    This no longer supports HD-Audio playback. So its pretty much useless for converting files with HD Audio to DVD.

  • Bugz D. - Compact, quick, easy, great coffee!

    This is a super fast way to make a single cup of coffee, and takes up almost no room in a drawer. The filter net has very tiny holes and leaves only a small amount of coffee ground residue in the bottom of the cup. You can either pour hot water through the grounds and then drink the coffee, or let the coffee sit in the water a minute for a stronger brew. It's extremely easy to clean the grounds out of the filter. Turn the filter inside out over the trash can and wipe the remaining grounds off with a paper towel then rinse.

  • Amazon Customer - quicken 2010 review

    I have been beta testing quicken for the last 4 or 5 years and use the product on a daily basis have attempted to use money but reverted back to quicken. And look forward to being a beta tester next year.

  • Hannah - Very Pleased!

    We have been very happy with this burr grinder! We had looked at other more well-known/expensive options but the price point on this, along with other good reviews, was enough to encourage me to give it a try. I gave it to my husband for Christmas and we enjoy drip coffee and espresso with this grinder on an almost daily basis, we'll try French press eventually too. So far the grind has been beautiful and consistent, exactly what we were looking for!