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Country:, North America, US

City: -122.3043 Washington, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Four Stars

    I am totally happy with the watch but the band clip broke after 1 week of use. The glass part hit a hard surface floor but did not break or scratch. I now have to spend money on getting the band fixed, not to happy about that but the watch itself is outstanding.

  • Blue Jacket - for tougher stains

    Anyone that has used Krud Kutter either for household use, or for heavier cleanups, already know how well it works. There are 2 types of Krud Kutter and the one we prefer is this low odor, red label one. This surface and grease cleaner is the next step up for counter tops, marks on walls, crayons, ink, really dirty floors, etc. without damaging surfaces. We normally will use vinegar or Windex surface cleaner for easy stains, but Krud Kutter for the tougher ones. It can be diluted for most cleaning, but full strength will clean almost any truly stubborn stain.

  • Richard - Needs better software

    Set this unit up on my windows XP computer and as long as the software was installed the computer it would lock up and rest every time I attempted to use it. I then tried on my windows 7 computer, it could not get it to work properly there either, and it damaged some start up files, so now every time I start my computer I must hit enter several times to eliminate the errors messages. It seemed to work OK but was horrible slow. After all that it would not let me put the files in a directory of my choice, it only allowed its preselected directory and online, which I also did not want. After 12 hours of trying to make this work I boxed it up and sent it back.

  • vic spicer - very different but enjoyable

    mezzanine got me started with the m.a. crew; this is a VERY different sound, but impressive. shara wilson's soulful voice on "safe from harm" and "unfinished sympathy" and "lately" are the gems.