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  • Mark Twain - "Best" is Subjective

    There I was, tipsy and in the mood for a so-called reputable short story collection; I'd browsed the indie lit mags and found some lacking, some not, still hungry for something, well, I don't know. Established? Renowned? Curated?

  • Holly - Very Good

    I watched the original in the theater and own it. I've seen it so many times. This is a good follow up. There is a bit of confusion over character connections and some of the plot is definitely rushed. But its fun and ridiculous and definitely obnoxious in places.

  • Brett Greene - Excellent construction

    Constructed great and surpasses the competition due to the amount if fertilizer/seed that it holds. Makes spreading a lot easier.

  • Jamal Nabi - If you have a little child, it's a must own.

    I recieved this thermometer at a discounted price for a honest review. I've used this multiple time and here's what I think.

  • Pen Name - Great for the Money, but Read my Review...

    Anyone unhappy with this purchase needs to keep in mind they're paying little more than $120.00 for a 10" Android tablet. It's not bad for the money, but it's no iPad. There's nothing wrong with this if you want to watch something on Netflix or perhaps read an ebook. However, it's not the fastest device for surfing and or perusing through articles online. I told my wife before we bought this, I was sure the quality was sub-par (compared to my son's iPad at about $800.00 when we bought it) and her Kindle Fire. IT IS SUB-PAR by comparison, but you're paying $120.00+/- for 10" viewable screen. I would recommend this devise for all that I have referenced above. If you're impatient (expect instant response from your device), I don't recommend it for surfing the Internet. Again, it's $120.00 +/-. Don't expect too much for so little.