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    City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • Xenok - Easily the most disapointing release of a game to date

    This game is just disappointing. I play computer games with my kids. We play things that allow for groups to work together. We were very excited about this game but within a few weeks of getting it my kids wanted to go back to Titan Quest for this type of game. To quote my 9 year old "Titan Quest is just more fun."

  • Little Willie - Dependable

    Been using Tax Cut/H&R Block for years. Used to its layout and flow. Some areas could be better designed but it does what I need it to do.

  • fUji™ - SQL is awesome

    It's SQL 2012 Developer Edition. Great product and many enhancements from the previous version. Make sure you test out the Extended Events which will be replacing SQL Profiler in the future since SQL Profiler has been marked as deprecated.

  • Tanya - Blue/Hex/Violet Extra-Small = Extra Perfect

    I received this bag as a gift from my husband. I use forearm crutches and need a crossbody bag that I can use as an everyday purse that's big enough to carry my medical needs, everyday stuff, and my Motorola Xoom 10.1" tablet. It's actually smaller than some of the tote-type purses I've carried. This bag definitely fits the bill.

  • Francis Chino - Decent but worth it

    Good last minute studying book, but I don't know how good it would be if you chose to start studying earlier for the ACT. Did the job, and it helped me get a pretty good ACT grade.