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  • Giovanna C - This is a good snot sucker

    This is a good snot sucker, however It broken in less than 2 weeks, both main parts that you insert in the babes nose came out of its place from both sides. and the replacement the same problem. Maybe I was so unlucky or what… Anybody had the same problem? or it was just me. I sent the product back.

  • Lawrence - Worked as Advertised

    The product did exactly what I wanted. Easy to work with, immediate results. Note: We had just a few babies so our situation was quite mild. Will continue to use as a preventative measure for the next few weeks, along with steaming.

  • Pepperoni Man - Semi- easy install. Splurted black water for about 5 or ...

    Semi- easy install. Splurted black water for about 5 or 6 uses until it finally cleaned itself out. Works great.

  • Kathy Lescalleette - Can't wait til Christmas

    Can't wait til Christmas . The kids will love it but I live in MD an they live in PA not sure to give it to them or just open myself this year..

  • Joyce A. Green - Product not truthful

    The product information states that all fish oil has been taken from the product. I am allergic to all seafood, no matter what it is, but after taking the product twice, I have raised red blotches all over my skin and the entire body has started itching as well as having several bad nose bleeds. I guess, like most products sold in the infomercials, another one bites the dust. If you have any fish/seafood allergies, please do not take this product.