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  • Sara Anne - Exuviance makes a difference!

    My dermatologist recommended this years ago and I've been using it consistently. What a wonderful difference it makes to increase the vitality of my skin. Just love it!

  • Galadil - Good Stuff, Basically Like Bennadryl

    As someone who has battled insomnia for over 25 yrs, I like this simply b/c it's not a prescription, non-habit forming and it works. That being said, so does Bennadryl. Both have Diphenhydramine HCl, an antihistamine that is a nighttime sleep-aid, as the 1st active ingredient. I got this as a free sample and it did work. I slept fell asleep within 30 mins after taking it, slept all night and woke up not feeling groggy or wanting to go back to sleep. Bennadryl doesn't always do that and it doesn't always help me sleep either. Overall: Good stuff, but too expensive - you're paying for the NyQuill brand name

  • mmurph1 - BE double-sure this item will fit your vehicle BEFORE you order!

    BIG cautionary note: BE SURE THE Weathertech # of the product is in fact the correct one for your year/model vehicle BEFORE you order. Do this by going to Weathertech's website and plugging in all the pertinent data to see what product #s it recommends. I did NOT do this until I received the matts, which did NOT fit. Thankfully, Amazon's vendor worked with me to resolve the issue and ship the correct product; but they wound up having to eat the $41 cost for me to return the mats. NOT fair to them, since Amazon's website's auto-part matching software appears to have some serious flaws. (GM in 2014 premiered their new redesign 1/2 ton trucks; but did NOT release the newly redesigned 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks until model year 2015.) Amazon's matching software mistakenly included my 2014 Silverado 3500HD as matching the mats sent, which were for the new design. And, as it turns out, Weathertech does not even make a rear mat for my truck, which has the rear seat understorage box. DO your homework before you order parts that Amazon says will fit your vehicle, it might just save you some time, and grief.

  • Fiona - ... his birthday and I have purchased many of the finest men's colognes for him in the past - including ...

    Bought this for the first time for my guy for his birthday and I have purchased many of the finest men's colognes for him in the past - including Versace - BUT - this is the very first time he ever told me He Loved It!!! Great scent for a man whether for casual or dress.

  • Amazon Customer - Ford Mustang 2010 GT

    The Tech Guy was very knowledgeable don't remember his name ..called back within 5 minutes he's awesome he deserves a raise.. remote start works good on my 2010 Ford Mustang GT thank you very much