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  • Scalp Micropigmentation Explained by the SMP Clinic - SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation, the ultimate hair loss solution. Safe non-surgical precision tattoo technique. Replicates the look of natural hair follicles
  • Cosmetic Needling Treatment for Scalp Scars & Strip Scars - The SMP Clinic provides scalp scar reduction treatment. Our Needling treatment is ideal for strip scar sufferers looking to reduce and remove scalp scarring
  • Micropigmentation for Thinning Beards - Our expert Sydney Micropigmentation services can correct patchy & thin beards. We can replicate the appearance of a closely shaven beard or moustache.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation for Head & Scalp Scars - Our Scalp Micropigmentation precision tattoo techniques replicate natural hair follicles to cover up scalp scars so it looks like a closely shaven scalp.
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  • Thomas Evanov - phone or stereo the sound cracks and is horrible. As a phone it works pretty good

    First let me say the picture shows the device facing you with the aux plug facing away, but that's not how it comes. It's backwards. I forced it to rotate 180 degrees and it works as advertised now. Music streamed from my phone is very low volume and when turned up at the device, phone or stereo the sound cracks and is horrible. As a phone it works pretty good. I had a different brand last time and will get that one again when this one dies or I tire of it. I love how it speaks in Korean when you connect, cool. I wouldn't recommend this at the $30 dollar price tag.

  • yaardworker - Disappointing Effort

    Not as good as some of his other novels I have read and I have read several. I especially liked the Devil's Deep series, The Red Rooster, and Crow Hollow. I was disappointed.


    BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!!! Only took 7 minutes and my radiator was not building up pressure and over heating. Left in for the 50 minutes acutally 65minutes to do as directed, but IT ACTUALLY WORKED A TREAT!!!

  • Melinda - Fun!

    My son loved opening up the lego windows each morning! The only thing I thought was a bit weird is that the 4-wheeler kit came without the wheels and it was many days before they were included in the dolley kit. And I wished the Christmas tree was opened sooner in order to lend more of a "Christmassy" feel to the scene earlier on. Overall though it's a great set and we'll probably continue with the tradition.

  • SusanJ - a wonderful program, a worthwhile book

    My husband and I started the Belly Fat Cure diet on June 1; it's now July 27 and he's lost about 20 lbs, I've lost about 15; and several inches around the waist each. The thing about it is, we LOVE this way of eating. We had been denying ourselves avocados, cheese, and many other high fat foods for *years* but kept gaining a couple of pounds a year anyway. With this diet we not only get very satisfying meals, but we have more energy and we're shedding the weight -- not as fast as the advetised "4 to 9 lbs a week" -- but steadily, a pound or two or three every week.