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Country:, Asia, SG

City: 103.8 , Singapore

  • Dianne - Didn't notice any effect good or bad

    I used the entire bottle of Cellfood and noticed no difference in my energy level or my overall health. My low rating, though, is not because it didn't benefit me; it's not unusual for different people to try the same product and experience different results. My low rating is due to what appears to me to be a rather sketchy backstory for this product. I've done quite a bit of research, and I could find no references to a Nobel laureate named Everett Storey as the company claims. Furthermore, according to, 'Everett Storey' is a trademarked name, "NuScience had been granted trademark registration for “Cellfood,” “Everett Storey,” and “Deutrosulfazyme." Now, companies have been known to make up colorful stories to advertise their products, but if Cellfood is so great, why not tell the truth about its creator(s)? Why make up such an elaborate lie? I'm not saying that Cellfood isn't a legitimate product or that it doesn't work; however, its ineffectiveness for me combined with what I learned researching 'Everett Storey', make me very skeptical.

  • revlon - waste of money............

    I just bought it yesterday and was so sadly surprised after opening the jar. It looked GROSS! I had to pierce the upper hard wax layer to reach the cream beneath. I didn't like the texture at all. Its like spreading a bad quality old (kept in open for sometime) toothpaste on your face. And it just sits there with a white cast without getting absorbed. No moisturizing qualities for my dry skin at all. I never used the original formula but this new one is YUCK!

  • Kona Mike - Great Reference for Excel Users

    I work with Excel on a daily basis developing custom templates for clients. This reference is within arm's reach and referred to on regularly. I'm getting a little long in the tooth and don't remember as much as I used to. Plus there have been so many changes to navigating the program. Thumbing the book is about as fast as Googling it and I don't have to leave the program.

  • margaret banta - Leave it to the Germans to engineer another great product. This really does work

    Leave it to the Germans to engineer another great product. This really does work...used on a used boat I purchased that had a couple of scratches and it made them much less noticeable. Can't go wrong with this product.

  • daisy06573 - SAVE. YOUR. MONEY.

    This product does NOT work as stated. I had been "toxin" free already for 25 days, but, as a precaution I decided to try this after a rep from my local retailer "high"ly recommended. Bottom line: FAIL! Additionally, there is ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT from via chat, email and telephone. My advice: Don't smoke!

  • Thanh Le - I would not recommend.

    I regret buying this item and letting sit in the box for almost 2 months because I was so busy that I had forgotten about it. When I finally opened it to try, it doesn't exactly work. I read the instructions very carefully 3 times to make sure it was not me being retarded. So once I wrap it around my waist and turn it on, I did not feel anything. Played around with the buttons many times trying to increase it but nothing happens. It does not allow me to go any higher than a 3 when supposedly it can go up to I believe a 10. Now I can't return it. Cost me a lot for nothing. I would not recommend.