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  • Ap6161 - Oval makeup brush rose gold handle

    I got this brush in the mail right after I got out of the shower yesterday and even though I was not going anywhere I wanted to try it out so I glommed up in makeup just to wash it off an hour later before going to bed. I tried this first with a lightweight foundation. I am the kind of person who has large pores and foundation ends up making them stand out even more if I don't use a moisturizer and blend really good. I put three drops on this brush and whisked it around my face for several minutes and I had a pretty nice coverage. It seemed like more of the makeup went on my face and less stayed stuck in the brush. Immediately after I used this with a blush and a highlighter and both products went on and blended nicely. I was very pleased with my results. I washed this out right away so I could see how well bristles would stay put. I didn't have any issues. No bristles pulled out and it actually washed out very easily. It must have did a good job of not holding onto much makeup because it washed clean within seconds and water was practically clear but my face looked great. I recieved this brush for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I am very in love with this type of brush. I think that the more people try them the more people who are going to switch from traditional makeup brushes to this style.

  • James Ronson - GREAT BALL!

    First off I would like to say that this volleyball is amazing!!! I love the quality of the ball. although the ball takes some getting used to because of the slick surface; the tiny little holes/ grooves in the ball make up for all of that. I love the design and control of the ball, when ever I go to set the ball it always has a perfect feel/ touch to it. although most people call it a hitters ball I would now like to call it a setters ball!

  • Laura - Worst Customer and Tech Support Ever

    If you really like being placed on hold forever when Act breaks, then this is for you. If you really like being locked into upgrades because Salesforce will charge to $5000+ just to get your data out of Act with no guarantees that it will work; then this is for you. If you like arguing the Outlook endlessly over where your emails are, then this is for you. When you finally do get tech support response to a reasonable question like "how does Act host work online" with "you just install it on a server and it works." Seriously??? And I'm not a techie.

  • Herman F. East - Works

    Had a small loss of coolant. Figured it was head gasket as I never could see any coolant under the car. Put this in as I haven't had to add any more coolant.

  • Dennis Vanmeter - Under Radar

    Haven't used this bottle yet have several times n the past alway keep a bottle n my refrigerator works very well remember you have to follow instructions exactly. Do Not Smoke For a Period of 3, Day's Avoid All Toxins Pryor Your Test. You will be fine

  • User - Kids love pediasure...

    What can I say, my kids love this stuff. Amazon is the same price as Walmart, but with free shipping (2-day with Amazon Prime). I like the convenience of having stuff delivered to my door instead of me trecking out to the store only to found out they are out.

  • Reelman - Helps you to go

    This is the Original Squatty Potty and is made in U.S.A. I purchased it to help my parents and they have told me it helps tremendously and highly recommend it. When people sit on a toilet, their feet are on the ground and it keeps them from sitting properly to align the colon. The Squatty Potty raises the legs and aligns the colon.