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  • Marc Protske - Great Mouse -- But Mine has a Squeaking Issue

    I received my mouse a little less than a week ago, but wanted to post my initial review. I am coming from the Logitech G510 and Steel Series Rival. I have asked a friend to barrow his zowwie fk1 to also compare to this mouse.

  • Laurel - I am disappointed as 1) the smell of this is nothing like ...

    I bought this due to reading and hearing people rave about this. I am disappointed as 1) the smell of this is nothing like I was expecting. To me it has a "hospital-y" smell. 2.) As far as moisturization/ aiding with dry skin this didn't do anything superior to the baby baths that we used prior to this one. Note that this does not create a "bubble bath" as the bubbling is minimal (that did not affect my review though as I did not buy it as a bubble bath- just an observation I made compared to competing brands) Overall this is "okay" but I don't think we will re-order. I will stick with the J&J calming baby bath as that one does the trick for us and smells a lot more fresh and clean to me.

  • Millard F. Johnson - Disappointing anthology

    Not the best by a long shot. Some fairly mediocre short stories in here along with some good stuff. One story by Vonnegut (in a 2015 anthology, years after Vonnegut's death) is really pretty crappy. I am reasonably sure that Vonnegut would never have allowed thin stinker to be published if he were alive.

  • Elizabeth - Totally changed my period

    It was about 6 years ago that my "visits from Aunt Flow" changed from highly irregular - like every 2-3 months - relatively light and didn't last that long, to very regular and have been increasingly heavy. In the last couple years, it's been so bad I would soak through a super Stay Free in an hour, I'd put a puppy pad down in my bathroom so it wouldn't look like a crime scene just getting in and out of the shower, and it would stay that way for 3-4 days. I found Shepherd's Purse and it helped a lot for a while, then kind of stopped doing much, maybe shave a day off the super heavy stuff. So I came back to Amazon and stumbled upon this and thought I'd try it. This is now the 2nd period I've been using this, and it has helped immensely. I take the maximum dosage - 3 capsules 2x a day - which I start at the first sign, and it's much, much lighter and manageable. Haven't even had cramps either time. Went from changing pads about 6 times during the work day to once about lunch time. Not worrying about leakage. Maybe next month I'll even trust it enough to not put down a preventative puppy pad! Just signed up for subscribe & save, hopefully I won't have the same experience as I did with Shepherd's Purse and have it stop working. So far, it's been amazing.