Review: - Generic Milnacipran (Savella 50 mg) : drug for fibromyalgia. - View - The main active substance of Savella drug is Milnacipran. Each tablet contains 50 mg of main ingredient. Generic Savella affects certain chemicals in the brain.

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  • DeeLight - It's better than Reynolds wrap regular aluminum foil.

    It really does keep the food from sticking. Yes it is even better than Reynolds wrap regular aluminum foil.

  • R. Vaags - Prepare for relentless soliciting!

    The software program itself would have gotten a good rating but it is the relentless soliciting I have been getting from Intuit that awards this rating a mere 1 star!

  • jennacompton - Trying for Oil Reduction

    I like this product - I'm currently using it in combination with the BENZD solution and have seen a significant reduction in my pore size. I'm trying to reduce the oiliness of my skin. So far, I haven't seen significant effects in that, but overall my skin is looking better with smaller pores and I'll keep using it for a few more weeks to see what happens.


    I bought this for my 5 year old granddaughter she put $10.00 in it and I now know why the teenage years were so very bad!!! LOL!!

  • skinhappy - Different Planchette Is Needed

    The Ouija Board has a nice design,but the Planchette is Big/Bulky and has unnecessary switchboards and electronic attachments inside of it,to make it light up and help to light the ouija.Its so heavy,that it dosent move across the board.I could feel it move Very slow,which made it unenjoyable.So what I did was,took the little feet off of the bottom, I took the screws out,I pulled the planchette apart,pulled out the plastic viewer and what you have is a lightweight planchette,that can glide across the board:)There is no light on it,but I use Candles anyway to set the aura.So overall its fine,except for the model of planchette that's included*

  • y10az - It works! But like any other diet - it takes commitment...

    Nothing works like this powder does! Don't get me wrong: if you're looking for an "easy way" to lose weight, this ain't it - it takes commitment. But it works in a very short time. First 3 days I do shake only (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Usually drop 5-8 lbs. Then I switch to the "reduction phase" which is 2 shakes a day and a low-carb meal (mostly veggies). I must say the powder itself tastes very very bland, so I usually mix a few drops of liquid chocolate stevia and a tablespoon of pure coco powder in there. Will it be the best tasting protein shake you ever had? No, but the nutrition in this shake is amazing. You will never feel hungry. You drink it and within 10 minutes or so - no more hunger for at least 5 hours, if not longer! It really cuts out my cravings too (I'm a terrible sweet-tooth), which is great! Once in the reduction phase, you can experiment a bit - they also have shake recipes on their website. I like to put some powdered peanut butter and a little bit of ripe banana in there - and it actually tastes really good! But beware of too much fruit - even the natural sugar can slow down your weight loss progress. I like that's it's very natural (no preservatives, etc.), and I'm pretty sure that my immune system has gotten better with this - I used to catch everything people had around me, now I'm almost immune, even with in the family I don't catch what they have. Love this powder, buying more right now!

  • Thorne Hamstring - If You Want Unsolicited Porn Sent To Your Personal Email Do Install This Product

    I finally got around to installing this. I created an account on their site with my email address. Avast was supposed to send a confirming email that let me finalize my registration/account. It did not arrive. However, in the early morning hours of the next morning I received unsolicited email from porn sites/ porn personals from Russia, including the .ru in the email address. Great. Now I'll likely have to dump a perfectly good email address if this keeps up. These folks are in the Czech Republic, as in part of the former Communist Block. Why does anyone want to let these folks guard a computer. Really.