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Home - FPIES UK - FPIES uk website for food protein induced enterocolitis information and support in the united kingdom, fpies is a non IgE allergy which causes delayed vomiting to foods or formula. commonly milk, rice

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    We bought these for my wife who has a really bad sprained ankle with resulting swollen toes and foot.

  • sam masters - I love this ointment

    I love this ointment, great for most all aches & pains.....especially leg cramps. Works well on back neck and shoulders. Great to rub on chest area for congestion

  • Ben H. - Meeting Dortor's Order Conveniently

    My doctor suggested that I routinely monitor my blood pressure and give him a report at my next visit. Going to the drug store to get my bp read wasn't appealing. The iHealth dock turned out to be a real convenient way to get a bp reading and maintain a log of all the results. The data is stored on my iPad. I can download the data to print or to put in a spreadsheet. It is small so I keep it on my kitchen counter and I use it every morning and evening.

  • Russ - Great for any height or ability.

    As I have begun to learn, hiking around the coast can be adventurous, but at the same time it has quite the level of danger if you don't bring along the right equipment. That is where this trekking pole comes in. I have been looking to stock up my gear bag for quite some time, I noticed I was missing one, so when I was offered this pole in exchange for my honest opinion, I accepted. Let me start off by saying this is a great pole. It folds up under 2' small, so its easy to tuck in a bag or carry along, and extends to over 4 1/2' full length, so anyone can use it. The handle fits nicely in my hand, which is hard to do since I have massive picker uppers, and the wrist strap is so comfortable you forget it's even there. The pole does feel a little weak at first, but after tightening the movable joints an extra turn removed that problem immediately. The tip is a nice comfort grip, that clings to sidewalk and asphalt with ease, and even comes with an attachment tip for slippery terrain, making this a year round pole.

  • Deac - From 2011 to 2013

    Overall, I like the program and feel that I got my monies worth. It gives you enough to work with to get started and enjoy coin collecting. It is a little difficult adding countries and coins not in their database, but once you do it once or twice it becomes easier. I have taken my own photos and will soon try and add them into the program. Yes I would recommend this program to anyone collecting coins as a hobby or even the professional who wants a way to inventory his collection.

  • Rachel - Loving the new selection of cards

    I love my new Hallmark card selections, the program is easy to install and easy to follow - worth the money.

  • Name - Best for You on 2012

    Excellent information. Very well researched and presented. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in 2012.