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  • Roseann Thorn - Not quite a miracle, but still slightly awesome

    Does not take the place of moisturizer or all-day sunscreen, but its a fantastic second-layer or "I'm really late and only have time for one product" layer. The tint is fair (I'm quite pale and a natural redhead so that works), but not "goth" level. Coverage is light, so it won't take the place of a foundation, but there is some and you can get by with it when you're short on time. Goes on smooth, stays well, washes off easily so it's good for sensitive skin. I just tried it as a primer under foundation for a night out, and it worked great! I didn't have any "cakiness" in the nose/chin area at the end of the night. Will buy again.

  • Easy, Flexible and Works Really Fast! - Easy, Flexible and Works Really Fast!

    I started following the Insulin-Resistance Diet after learning from from my doctor that my blood sugar levels indicated I was close to getting diabetes. I already knew that my blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyderide levels were high. The possibility of getting diabetes too finally got me scared enough to make some lifestyle changes - which for me were following this diet and walking 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.

  • Badia T. Saed - HORRIBLE

    The amount of hours I have spent, doing what customer service has said to do, and trying on my own, to fix the errors in this product since it is malfunctioning and has been for months, is actually unbelievable - like, mind-boggling. They should pay Me.

  • TK in SF - Over all, great everyday laptop. Not recommended for sw development or gaming, but you already knew that.

    - It is heavier than I expected. You'd think 14in with no HD would be lighter. But then, I'm used to my Acer S7 which is relatively light.

  • Michael - Expired digital download

    I bought this DVD for the sole purpose for the alternate ending. Well they never said that the Special Edition was worthless unless used in 2011

  • Pamela U. Moore - Another great Tylenol product.!

    I've taken Tylenol products for many years, from menstrual cramps to headaches to toothaches. I was really glad when the company came out with an arthritis strength; even this strength helps with other pains than arthritis even better, and helps me recover from a medical treatment that I receive once a month.