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  • Thuylinhcao - good

    This book is what I need. I need it for my up coming PCAT. The shipping is good also. I am really happy with this book

  • usclawgrad2001 - How to Make Your Slendertone Pads Last Forever...

    Before I bought this item, I kept seeing people complain that the pads wore out so quickly. I saw some people that said that they drenched the pads in rubbing alcohol to make them last longer. Others online recommended using window cleaner after each use. And still others said to use water based lubricant. I tried the rubbing alcohol and window cleaner and that didn't really work well because if you were using a towel to apply the stuff to the pads, the towel would stick and leave residue on the pads. The water based lubricants would probably be too messy. After thinking about it some more, I came up with the perfect solution. I found something that combines all the things everyone else had recommended (or elements of each) in a nice, none messy solution... so if you want to keep your slendertone pads working for a very, very long time, just use PURELL (OR ANY ALCOHOL BASED HAND SANITIZER) after each use. Put a couple drops on there, rub it on the pad to cover the surface and then wipe off the excess or just let it dry. No dripping mess, no towels sticking to the pads and no mess on you either. Works like a charm and the pads become sticky and work like new each time. I haven't had to replace any of my pads in months and months.

  • Djsal - Best FDA approved agent to aid wth hair loss!

    Minoxidil is the single best agent to promote hair loss available in the market that's also FDA approved. Will definitely keep buying more bottles of this as a continuous supply is needed in order to have continuous hair growth. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. The packaging was very neat and the product arrived in perfect condition.