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  • Evan O. - Great Travel Guide, Only needs more detailed maps

    For someone who has never been to Japan or a country where the language and culture barrier is so large this book has caused me be less stressful about my trip to Japan. This is definitely a book that should be purchased before planning your itinerary because it contains useful tips and advice for things to do and places to see. It has a few outdated things like currency exchange rates and other small things but it's not a big deal. The only thing that would make this book a perfect 5 stars is if it had more detailed maps with smaller street names. Overall I would recommend lonely planet guides to family and friends.


    This jelly sheet is very thin and pops when in the oven so loudly that it scares the wits out of you the first time it happens. You think your oven is exploding. It is difficult to clean and after several uses discolors and you can't scrub it off. It is useful but not a high grade product.. You get what you pay for.

  • Jerry Morris - I did a lot of research looking for a good toaster convetion oven

    I did a lot of research looking for a good toaster convetion oven,from $29. to $250.the higher end ones didn't seem to have any thing more than the lower end ones other than more bells and whistles...all I wanted was one that was easy to clean and would do a good job and last 2-3 years.. I ended up buying the Oster Digital Countertop convection oven great so far,does all they said it would...saw a few bad reviews..but think some were because of the peoples on was $69. + tax free two day shipping with Amazon Prime member ship. if I get 2 years out of it .I'll be happy as a pig in mud' or something like that..

  • Anthony S - Great tool

    Simple to use. The legend is easy to read and it makes for a quick diagnosis of problems with outlets. This is the easy part because actually fixing the problem and being afraid of getting electrocuted is the real struggle. I have put this to use on many outlets in my home and I'll continue to use it inside and out.

  • GeorgiaBoy - Suprisingly a great product

    I have prepared taxes for several years with a CPA firm and have filed many amended returns due to errors from HR Block personnel, so I was leery in purchasing. I bought this product in order to do a couple small clients that I do my self. This tax return does 95% of the work for you. Based on the information you provide it flows very naturally to the applicable schedules. This price is great, I've used Lacerte, Pro Systems and Ultra tax and this was most similart to Lacerte for 1/10th of the cost to me.