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  • Amazon Customer - Better and easier than window tinting

    So happy with these shades on my car! They arrived quickly so I could put them on for our drive to Canberra. They really keep the interior much cooler, same as tinted windows, but you can also take them off. Very easy to use and stretches easily to fit most cars, as it fits perfectly on my large SUV windows. I recommend this product to all parents out there to keep their children, pets and car interior cool!


    Zanfel works. But you don't need to spend $40 for a 1oz tube. For the love of god, the EXACT same stuff is in Mean Green Hand Scrub and it'll cost you $20 for 60oz. Yes, you read that right. The guy who "invented" Zanfel used to work at the company that makes Mean Green. He simply realized that it worked on skin rashes like poison ivy and started his own company and now sells the EXACT same stuff for a huge markup to drugstores. I certainly don't begrudge him for his marketing savvy, but you don't have to pay through the nose for something that works. Mean Green (and Zanfel) are simply really good exfoliating soaps. They work on a simple principle: remove the oils that are generating the rash. Mean Green is just sold to car mechanics and other industrial workplaces that need a cleanser for greases and oils. The genius of Zanfel is that it's marketed to drugstores for a totally different use.

  • Amazon Friend - Excellent Movie - Watched 20 Times Since it Came Out

    Fantastic movie. I have seen it at least 20 times. Love it. The only real flaw is when the limo goes airborne and the front wheels stop spinning. That made the scene look like a table-top model. Other than that, super excellent flick with all the right amounts of emotion, drama, science.

  • Lisa Schulze - great bike

    My 13 yr.-old son put t together pretty quickly and loves it! I would recommend it to other kids his age.

  • Nicole P - Lifted stains right now. Not sure how well it protects fabric yet.

    I got new recliners and ordered this by accident instead of the plain Scotchgard treatment. I was going to order the plain Scotchgard treatment, but the one day I got food on my chair and there was a grease stain. I used this clearner and it lifted the stains right up. I haven't spilled anything on the chair yet to test out if the Scotchgard works (holding out on the 5th star to see if stains are blocked like it claims.

  • John G. - The Kinks at their finest, the perfect rock song

    The Kinks at their finest, the perfect rock song. I recently purchased one of their greatest hits cd's and it included the live version of Lola rather than the studio version. Maybe it was great watching the live show but listening to it at home, I didn't enjoy the live version as much with all the interruptions and audience banter. I decided to get the studio version separately.

  • Connie Hoffmann - Duped on the Cruise

    Four of us on Princess lines bought into a great presentation by cruise line. Brought up was movie Food Inc, which we have at home and this made him seem a most reliable sprokesman to us. Our purchase of over $668 for six month program or as we did divide so 1/2 for each of us. We started with Cal-Metab Plus then to Silhouette and now on Vitality. This is the plan sold to us. ZERO results in my opinion. We are exercising and eating organic healthy foods. I am using Fitness Pal to track food and exercise for free. This is a great site. But the Detox may be detoxing??? But are not a weight loss product. Not one of us have seen any results from these products. The hard sell by Princess employee's was tough to walk away from. My rule is never buy any big purchase without walking away and thinking about what is being sold. We broke our rule and got taken for a ride. Expensive lession for us guilible cruisers. Not sure why I gave this even one STAR. It really was zero value and I should have rated it as Zero Star.