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  • Kelly K - Decent stroller, but probably not worth the extra money

    Used this stroller for more than a year for our toddler, and it has been all over, including several airplane rides. Pros were the cup holder, canopy, it's lightweight and attractive. It's mostly held up - shows some wear and tear and there are nicks in the rubber padding on the handle, but I think that's from various plane rides. Cons were that it's hard to steer with one hand, not super easy to fold if your hands are full or you're corralling the little one, and I found the mechanism to recline the seatback completely cumbersome. This is kind of picky, but I also found it tedious to adjust the seat/footrest thing - the front part of the seat folds down to adjust to your little one's legs, but every time you unfold the stroller, you have to adjust that seat again. Not hard, but I found the extra step annoying when I was in a hurry.

  • dat603 - Helpful book during our trip to Germany

    This book was very helpful to us on our recent cycling trip in Germany. We received several hotel discounts when we showed them the book. The walking tour of Munich and historical places to visit proved helpful as well. We used the book to find wonderful dining establishments. The only drawback is we like to travel light and the book did add a bit of weight/volume but well worth it.

  • josemale #3222# - this is perfect. No real setup required

    I'm going to try to provide as much information as possible for anyone considering to buy the Element Ti4.

  • Julie Lemieux - Bought for my 76 yr old mom

    She loves this gadget but complained that the 9 volt battery that came with the unit did not last long. Not a big thing as she probably left it on...she loves it though and is noticing a difference the fist week after using!

  • Logan - Great Excel Tool!

    Excellent tool for learning excel. It's more geared to individuals that already have a good handle on excel but what to master all excel has to offer. So beginners are probably better getting something else.

  • Red Bull - This THING must be taken out of the market

    This is such a BADLY designed toy that this is not even a toy. US must raise this in United Nations and all the freedom loving nations must pass a resolution strongly condemning it. Might even make sense to put trade embargoes against these Slinky guys. Whosoever designed this THING must hate humanity. They must be out of this world - might be even from another galaxy. I have hardly written a review of anything, but this THING really forced me to drop everything else and start writing a review. It is so poorly designed that not even NASA scientists can assemble this. Even a real radio can be created faster than assembling this thing. WHAT A RIP OFF!! Who designed this??? Forget an 8 year old - nobody, I mean nobody, regardless of any age or intelligence or expertise can assemble it. Put your money and time somewhere else.

  • Shefeline - Preventing split ends and giving me silky strands since 2003

    This is hands down the best leave-in treatment on the market and has been for many years. Even since I was a teenager my hair would grow to about 6-8in past my shoulders and start splitting all over, forcing me to cut it, and no fancy product seemed to help. Then back in 2003 I worked as a hair product consultant/salesgirl in this giant Beauty Supply store which carried more hair brands that you ever knew existed. People gasped when they would walk in. I learned a lot about hair there and got to try a huge number of products, including Biosilk Serum which I have been using since then. It prevents split ends, dentangles my fine hair without leaving it greasy or weighted down, and leaves it silky smooth and soft. People always ask me what I'm using when they touch my hair. Over the decade that I have been using this, I have occasionally tried other similar silicone-based serums, from Biolage to Chi to Paul Mitchell to KMS to RUSS and many others I can't even remember now. And nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to Biosilk!!! I've ran out a few times and stopped using it and before long the hair gets dry, splitends-y, and a horrible tangled mess.