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  • How Broader Primary Care Teams Can Decrease Healthcare Costs - Providers can reduce healthcare costs by broadening primary care teams to include non-physicians and tailoring teams to seven patient populations, PwC stated.
  • Ensuring Success in the Transition to Value-Based Care - At Xtelligent Media's Value-Based Care Summit, several industry leaders will explore the challenges of transitioning to value-based care reimbursement.
  • How MACRA Implementation Rules Affect Provider Profitability - Provider profitability under MACRA implementation rules depends on how well clinicians educate themselves before the go-live date, a Deloitte expert says.
  • Impact of Quality Payment Program on Medicare Reimbursement - Under the Quality Payment Program, clinicians will face Medicare payment adjustments in 2019 depending on their participation and quality performance in 2017.
  • CMS Timelines for Stage 3 Meaningful Use, MACRA Implementation - CMS plans to enforce healthcare payment incentives and penalties based on Stage 3 Meaningful Use and MACRA implementation schedules.
  • Understanding the Value-Based Reimbursement Model Landscape - Healthcare providers can look to the value-based reimbursement spectrum to select the most appropriate model to maximize revenue and improve quality of care.
  • Key Ways to Boost Collection of Patient Financial Responsibility - To account for the rise in patient financial responsibility, healthcare providers should restructure medical billing processes to align with consumer needs.
  • Employing More Physician Assistants Reduces Healthcare Costs - Providers can decrease healthcare costs and patient charges by adding more physician assistants to hospitalist care teams, a recent study contended.
  • 25% of Healthcare Payments Tied to Alternative Payment Models - A recent LAN report shows that only 25 percent of healthcare payments will be under population-based alternative payment models in 2016.
  • CMS Announces New Advanced Alternative Payment Model Options - CMS announced new Advanced Alternative Payment Model participation options for the Quality Payment Program's first and second performance years.
  • Patients Find Medicare Reimbursement to Surgeons Too Low - A recent study found that patients value some medical services more than the Medicare reimbursement rate and would pay more out-of-pocket for those procedures.
  • AHA Offers HHS Solutions to Reduce Medicare Appeals Backlog - To reduce the Medicare appeals backlog, HHS should offer a settlement option, delay repayment, and impose financial penalties on auditors, the AHA stated.

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    I live 25mi outside of Chicago and says I should get a max of 64 digital channels. I ordered a Lava Electronics HD-2605 UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna with Remote Control and mounted it in my attic. I was only able to get about 3 channels when pointed at the optimal angle with and without the LNA. This seemed just terrible to me even though it was in the attic and not not the roof so i pulled out the old bunny ears and got pretty much the same channels. I immediately returned the HD-2605 and ordered a Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF/VHF Long Range Antenna (149881) which has half the claimed range of the HD-2605 but more believable specs. I assembled it and hooked it up to the exact same cable and setup in the attic and immediately got 59 channels (without the amplifier). I'll probably add the amp later when I hook up additional TVs but this is a MUCH better antenna. And the build quality was night and day as well. The Lava HD-2605 was cheap fragile plastic and many of the elements did not even touch via metal only plastic; they seem to be for show. The Televes DAT790 (149881) build is mostly metal and will hold up to the elements much better. It is much larger but not as big as the old antennas you see on roofs. All in all these cost the same and I felt ripped off by the HD-2605 even before i realized it only gave me ~3 channels. The DAT790 is better in every way and you can't argue with 20x more channels. Maybe the HD2605 would have been better but was DOA, but if that is the case they need better quantity control, i wasted a lot of time with it before switching to the DAT790.

  • Timothy Cregan - Very cool, just trying to optimize display

    The monitor is sexy. In so far as a monitor candy. It is bright and clear and very professional looking. The speakers are subpar but if you're looking for any kind of entertainment you should have external speakers anyway. I only have one concern and I'm trying to work through it. Because of the very wide width of this monitor, many of the webpages and forms I filled out during the course of my job or a little blurry. Trying to figure out the resolution. Other than that it is a great monitor

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    The cup is everything I wanted so far. Easy to clean, and great hot/cold container. "no spill" lid not necessary if I would do it again.