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  • Julie - Waste of money

    Didn't work at all. Bought this because it was relatively pricey and I saw some good reviews, so I figured it would be worth it, but it just made my skin super oily and made it break out. Super disappointed.

  • Emily Hall - Overpriced

    I found the price tag to be a little steep for this. When I was a kid, we went swimming and my mom told me, "Watch out for huge ships. I mean really keep your eyes open, okay?". I've used that method to avoid huge ships ever since, and I've yet to be surprised while water sporting. It even works on smaller ships, canoes, and driftwood. So I kinda feel like this book is overpriced, considering my mom's advice about has it covered.

  • C. D. Herter - Best workout for a serious cycler

    I've owned this machine for 5 years. I've had to tighten a few bolts here and there, but it's solid, and the mag resistance unit provides plenty of sweat. It did take a while to master, but I started with the thing in the middle of a door frame; after 6 or so months of regular use, the frame wasn't necessary. I also have a Kurt Kinetic trainer that's great, but I get a much better workout on the rollers. I also have to add that these particular rollers are built with flared cylinders; as your tires drift to one side or the other, you'll hear the rubber squeak in plenty of time to prevent a fall. It's also quiet, compared with the standard trainer. If you don't mind the idea of taking a few weeks to get your bearings, this will provide an experience as close to outdoor riding as you can get in your basement. You are, after all, really riding, using all your muscles and wits to keep upright and forward moving. Make sure you have a fan going, wear a sweat band, open the window. One last thing; the most difficult part for me was adapting to watching TV; it's difficult, at first, to keep to the center of the cylinders while watching any moving thing. I nearly went the my wall watching Indiana Jones early on.

  • F. Masters - Nice accent to the Charger

    Nice accent to the Charger, but the brake peddle is a bear to get on. The gas peddle is plug and play.

  • bennywee - Get hiding place..

    It was easy to set up and install and is perfect for either leaving a key, in case you lock yourself out, or leaving a key if you are wanting someone else to be able to get in. Great way to stash things so you dont have to carry your keys with you at the beach or anywhere they might get lost. It is exactly as advertised.

  • Mr Happy - It worked for me...again!

    Every persons metabolism is different, but this product, and other QCarbo products have worked for me in the past. I'm presently 4 for 4 using QCarbo. If you expect it to work you MUST stop ingesting toxins at least 48 hours before using! In my case its always been 5 to 10 days. But I know folks who have had it work after only 48 hours. I'm a bigger guy, and tend to ingest a lot of "toxins" so the QCarbo 32 is my go to product. Here's how it works for me. NO over the counter medications 24 hours before use, NO heavy meals 8 hours before use. Start with 20 oz of water, wait 20 min. Drink QCarbo 32 at a moderate pace. Takes me about 15 min. I wont lie...It don't taste to good...The tropical flavor is not as bad as the Grape. After drinking the Juice, wait 1 hour. Refill the bottle with water and chug it down. Urinate 4 times and your good to go. You'll be peeing mountain dew yellow, no worries. It's all good, just the product working. If your being tested for toxin's you have about a 3 hour window after consumption. I give it 4 stars rather than 5 because it tastes like crap, and after about 7 hours you start to feel like crap as well. But if you need it for the same reasons I did, Its worth it, and the $40 cost!! Good Luck!!

  • Wrigley - I prefer to purchase Quickbooks products from Amazon

    I researched prices on purchasing Quickbooks 2012 and found Amazon to have the best price. I purchased the software with Enhanced Payroll and saved over $200 by bundling the Quickbooks 2012 with the Enhanced Payroll. When you purchase Quickbooks from Intuit, they save your credit card information and automatically renew your subscription the following year, so beware of the trap! Whenever possible, I stay away from Intuit....Amazon is the BEST!