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  • Colleen SB - Handy Little Tool

    Won't you know it, my apple power cord broke (as they do). Instead of buying a replacement, I bought this bad boy.

  • TropicalHeat - Excellent Quality Materials, would recommend ordering one size larger

    I ordered these gloves not for driving but for walking my pack of rather large dogs. based on comments from others, i ordered one size larger, and this turned out to be a good idea, would recommend this to others. the gloves look great and fit fine as mentioned. the materials seem to be of excellent quality, although i can't yet speak of their durability. i am planning on ordering more.

  • BH-Houston - Good and not so good

    Good: Great for those who need a more comprehensive review starting with the basics. If you haven't touched the subjects for a while, this beats some other books that assume you already know the suff

  • C.siegmann - Best I've Tried!!!

    I have been looking for something that is all natural for a while now that would work and be affordable. There are some herbals that seem to work by themselves, but the combination in this product seem to work better. One thing some people make a mistake on is they want an instant working product. This is not that product!! You typically only get that kind of result in meds offered by doctors and not all the time that way either. Anyways I didn't want to be a zombie or worry about all sorts of scary side effects. I wanted to use the medicine that mother nature created for me. I found it with this, it did take me almost a week to start noticing a significant difference. Is is a cure all? By all means no, but it did help on those high-stress days. This is a maintenance supplement, not a take as needed. Meaning you should take it every everyday to get the most benefits from it.

  • Familyfun - Durable and sleek

    Wasn't sure how durable this cover would be, but at $16 it seemed worth trying. I've been using this cover now for two months and the finish is still good as new, the binding has stood up and is not floppy or stretched out. Highly recommend this product!

  • Jeannette Belliveau - 'Fifty Shades of Greyhound' a hilarious high point of this collection

    So often these collections are hit or miss, but it looks like M. Paul Theroux as editor has placed a very high bar on the submissions and these are rollicking along. So far my favorite is "Fifty Shades of Greyhound," which is stone-cold hilarious, by Harrison Scott Key. The relative glories of Greyhound over flying are made abundant. "Bus People are nothing like Airplane People, who are boring and have 'luggage' and enjoy 'skiing,'" Key writes. "Bus people, on the other hand, enjoy 'talking about grenades' and 'screaming.' " Don't read this in a quiet house late at night, you're likely to wake everyone up.

  • Joseph Daniel Melton - Enjoyable read.

    This was a good read with an interesting concept. I hope to see a continuation of the story. Overall, the book was enjoyable. The book had a good mix of techno-babble and human relations with some unfulfilled romantic longings. Some authors dwell excessively on the technology and physics. Such books tend to read more like a college textbook at times. This author included enough explanation to keep the story interesting yet did not bore me with page after page of techno-babble. I liked the way that the main female character transitioned over time.