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Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - Call for Applications: Editor-in-Chief of the R2P Student Journal The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Student Journal was established in October 2015 by two university students. The aim of the Journal is to encourage student engagement with the norm of the […]

  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/about/ About the Journal » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - The Responsibility to Protect Student Journal is a global, student-led, free online journal, which was founded in 2015 by a group of students from the University of Leeds and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. The journal aims […]
  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/issues/n2vol1/the-responsibility-to-protect-four-challenges-on-the-road-ahead/ The Responsibility to Protect: Four Challenges on the Road Ahead » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - Dr. Adrian Gallagher, University of Leeds, Convenor BISA Working Group on Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect I would like to say congratulations to the R2P Student Coalition here at the University of Leeds. Three years ago, Professor Jason Ralph and I designed […]
  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/issues/n2vol1/the-international-criminal-court-a-shackled-elephant-in-the-court-room/ The International Criminal Court: A Shackled Elephant in the Court Room? » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - Enyeribe Oguh, University of York, United Kingdom Enyeribe is a postgraduate law student at the York Law School. He graduated magna cum laude in law (LLB) from the University of Leeds in 2015. He is interested in international criminal justice and he is […]
  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/issues/n2vol1/the-responsibility-to-protect-and-the-responsibility-to-prosecute/ The Responsibility to Protect and the Responsibility to Prosecute » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - Georgiana Epure, University of Cambridge, UK Georgiana is an editor of the R2P Student Journal. She holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Leeds. As an Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholar, she worked with the Intervention and […]
  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/issues/n2vol1/a-norm-in-formation-an-analysis-of-brazil-and-chinas-normative-engagement-with-the-responsibility-to-protect/ A Norm-in-Formation? An Analysis of Brazil and China’s Normative Engagement with the Responsibility to Protect » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - Joseph Jegat, University of Leeds, United Kingdom Joseph graduated from the University of Leeds in 2016. The question of whether the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is an established norm in international relations has been the subject of much academic debate […]
  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/issues/n2vol1/the-responsibility-to-protect-in-the-libyan-intervention-ultimate-success-or-international-failure/ The Responsibility to Protect in the Libyan Intervention: Ultimate Success or International Failure? » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - Caitlyn Duke, The University of Queensland, Australia Caitlyn is a third year BA/LLB student at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. She works as a Paralegal in the Projects team at King&Wood Mallesons. The 2011 intervention in […]
  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/about/copyright/ Copyright » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - Except where otherwise stated, copyright of all materials resides with the University of Leeds. No material may be reproduced or altered to any degree without the University’s written consent. The copyright of articles, blog posts and other material written by […]
  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/about/accessibility/ Accessibility » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - The University of Leeds endeavours to promote equality and diversity in their policies, practice and services. We are committed to making all web pages accessible to as wide a range of visitors as possible. As part of this, we are […]
  • http://r2pstudentjournal.leeds.ac.uk/about/privacy/ Privacy » Responsibility to Protect Student Journal - Legal Statement The information made available by the University of Leeds over the World Wide Web does not form part of any contract. Changing circumstances may cause the University to have to change its provisions at any time. Whilst every […]

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  • tiffany - 24 hours of impressive

    It worked fantastic for 1 day. Now anytime you plug anything into it, the unit won't charge it and near immediately shuts itself off.

  • Therese Hart - I wanted to love this crock pot

    I wanted to love this crock pot. I have a really old Rival crock pot that works fine, just isn't big enough. Unfortunately, this one just burns everything. It seems the contents reach a boil, even on warm. I am gone for close to 12 hours a day, so I need something that will stop cooking and just keep my food warm until I get home. Everything I cook is burnt at the sides near the handle. My meat is all shriveled up and dried. I have had better success by cutting my cooking time in 1/2, but leaving it on warm for 6 hours is not helping keep the meat moist. Things just don't burn as much. Even my soups become really thick because the water gets cooked out.

  • heiyunbaiyue - Not perfect, but pretty damn good

    I've held back on reviewing this for a while because I wanted to make sure it worked over the long term. As it turns out, it does-- to an extent. I like the fact it is natural and doesn't leave a burning sensation, but it does tingle (it might in fact burn if you have sensitive skin). It works like it claims and teases out a lot of ingrown hairs, and tones down the red spots, but it does not entirely remove blemishes and dark spots from previous cases of ingrown hairs. Since removing the hair depends on how fast your hair grows, it's effectiveness as a "remover" can vary.

  • Sarah - Wasted time and money on this.

    Just wasted my money. Slowed my computer down so drastically it made it unusable. I asked my computer tech friend to fix it and he laughed at me for buying it. This is the only time I've loaded a dog program and it was a whopper. It has fantastic ratings in the tech websites but is probably overkill for the home user.

  • Paul Starr - Disappointing, to be honest

    I bought this "game" because I thought it would be fun to be trained by Jillian Michaels, but everything about this release is disappointing. In this age of immense computer graphics this feels like stepping back 10 years. The graphics are bland. You can train in different locations, but all they are is a static screen with a different picture in the background (and it isn't even a photograph). The exercises are limited, so it doesn't matter which location you train in the exercises are the same.

  • Sierra Preston - LOVE THESE RACKS!

    These racks are perfect for my Prius C! They make my car look sharp and I have no problems using the sunroof too. I have Kayak mounts on them and they work perfectly! I recommend them to all, just wish they weren't so pricey.

  • Amazon Customer - So much more than we expected.

    We bought this for Christmas because we saw a Hess float in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. We weren't sure what to expect, but we are very, very pleased. In fact we went back and ordered the 2012 and 2011 toys for his birthday...and they are wonderful too. He loves that both the truck and the tractor have working lights/noise. These are not cheaply made. I have no doubt that he will play with these for years before I pack them away for our grandchildren to play with someday.