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Accovion GmbH - Contract research organization, CRO - Accovion is a full-service contract research organization offering study planning, study management, clinical monitoring, pharmacovigilance, data management, biostatistics, medical writing, electronic publishing, and document management.

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  • Joanne Van Ert - Back To Life!

    I have a 30 year history of back problems. I've had 2 lower back surgeries in the 70s and one neck fusion in the 90s. I've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, stenosis and degenerative disc disease. I've tried everything: chiropractor, physical therapy, accupuncture, massage therapy and tons of medication. This past year, the pain has been at it's worse: i've been unable to sit for more than a few minutes, walking has been impossible and my dosage of narcotic medications had increased drastically.

  • Zadira - Great scent and doesn't dry out my skin!

    I'm not usually a big fan of the scent of roses, but the subtlety of the scent in the witch hazel Is actually very pleasant. I've been using the toner for a few weeks now and I've noticed that it is doing about the same job as a much more expensive brand I was previously using with the added benefit of not drying out my cheeks (I have combination skin and while my nose tends to get oily, any alcohol based products leave dry patches on my cheeks). I am extremely happy with the results I'm seeing and will definitely be replacing my old toner with this one from now on.

  • Rick Platt - Fan of IC3D

    The IC3D motto, "For 3D Printers, By 3D Printers" is right on. The focus on getting desktop 3D printers that work for the masses is a plus too. We are a satisfied customer and love the "Made in USA" (and Made in Ohio) part especially.

  • Sonya Rea - Great all-purpose athletic shoe

    These are the only athletic shoes I can wear for an extended period of time. They have great support, yet are spacious in the toe.

  • JulissaDantes - I've always wanteed some magic to grow hair and this is it

    I started to see results in the first week and my hair did grow an inch, in 3 weeks, after 4 weeks it's was like 5cm from my collar bone and it was a it above before I started to take this .

  • Adrian Murray - Excellent Service

    I was able to download the software the day I purchased it. The representative was quick and polite. Definitely worth doing on Amazon.