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  • Mark Yonke - A really great stroller!

    Like I said, what a great stroller. There is minimal setup out of the box and once you spend about 5 minutes with it, it's very easy to use. It literally just takes your foot and a push to collapse it and a little locking arm holds it closed. If you want it open again, release the same locking arm, push a small foot pedal and it's open. It's also pretty light weight but not overly so and feels like it's well made. Another great feature is that the seat back goes almost all the way flat which is great for when your baby is sleepy.

  • tomd - I did a couple thousand miles on these since I bought them and I was always comfortable and felt the power transfer was decent

    I have wide feet so my cycling shoe choices are somewhat limited. I did a couple thousand miles on these since I bought them and I was always comfortable and felt the power transfer was decent. I had been using Sidi Megas, which felt even better and had a stiffer carbon sole, but those cost more than twice what these did. Overall I'm satisfied, I think they are a good value and more than adequate for a weekend road warrior like myself. I raced when I was younger but that was decades ago, now it's just for pleasure but I do a lot of 3-4 hour rides in these and have always been comfortable.

  • Chaaassssyy - Get it girl :)

    OMG!!!! Can I say GOOD BUY, and goodbye nike?? No seriously, where else are you going to get stylish and comfortable shoes for only 25 bucks? WHERE?!! These are the best shoes that I have purchased in the past five years--HANDS DOWN! I am a 4th grade teacher and have to be on my feet a lot. These are officially my work shoes, ha! My hip students and co-workers have all agreed that these shoes are IT! I get compliments on them constantly and everyone's shocked when I tell how much I spent on them. I ordered the black and grey ones.