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  • Proverbs Lady - Easy and small

    Everyone should have one of these. They are VERY small, sturdy, and easy to use. We are doing some remodeling of a century home and it was very reassuring to be able to test each outlet before starting. The product is very durable and the directions are clear and simple to understand. Does what it says it will do.

  • Margo J. Aly - Love Murad Resugence products

    I am almost 65, but have pretty good skin, but I noticed some wrinkles forming from the nose to the mouth and a few more around the eyes. So I bought all the Resurgence line and a NuFace microcurrent machine, a red light and a laser. I am making great inoads with these products. I'm sorry I ever bought any other products as they have been a waster and disappointment. This eye cream very much moisturizes the eye area and I use it on the lines around my mouth too. I used a Murad product decades ago and didnt like it so I never went back. Well years of technlogy and this guy has some excellent products. I get good results with these and my regeime and recommend it all highly.

  • john - Crooks

    I wouldn't buy into this product. I am being forced to buy the new version which I don't want, as the old version which was working fine, suddenly requires a new registration that does not work in Snow Leopard. The upgrade is $199 when I can buy the full copy for $180. They've got you by the &@!!$ and they know it

  • Sarah - Works all right on the Mac; not so well on PC

    Norton has been ok on my Mac except that when it goes into idle scan mode, it really heats up my machine. On my son's desktop PC, we've had to uninstall it entirely. Not only did it fail to catch a number of viruses, it was causing conflicts as well. On another desktop PC in our house, it seems to work ok.

  • G. Guesby - For Bodies Mosquitoes love

    I do like it. I don't like the mosquitoes and they just love me. I'd definitely recommend this product!

  • Mikayla Chase - Love it - easy to use.

    It holds my phone and house keys with room for more. It's weird how much it can stretch but it seems to be built very well, I don't worry about anything coming out when it's on.

  • Rob P. - Minor defects

    Just started playing golf and wanted an affordable beginners club set. This set received the best reviews on several sites. The 5 hybrid arrived with dents on the face of the club. Since I'm a beginner it won't make much difference in the quality of my game but I am disappointed with the quality of the club I received. I probably won't buy another club online again and will want to inspect before buying. Overall, for the price I am still ok with this purchase. It appears that I am at least the third person to report this issue so I hope it is addressed by either amazon or top flight.