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  • adgmaine - Too many problems

    I upgraded from ACT 2007. I did not have any conflict issues with 2007. After I installed ACT 2010 Outlook would lock up when opened. I have spent way too much time at the KB trying to figure out why I am having these problems. I would return the software if I could.

  • Phil - Access is Great

    I was able to import all my files from an old version and had no issues with the data. This allows me to continue using the tables and reports from the previous version.

  • Sergio - Fried my hair and didn't straighten!

    NEVER in my life have I used such a poor excuse of a relaxer! I've been relaxing my hair for over a decade and this was just a nightmare. This is my first and last time trying this garbage. Not only does it smell VILE (it burns your nose and lungs it's so strong), but I followed the instructions exactly and not only did it not straighten my hair at all, but it FRIED it!!! I'm going to have to cut it all off tomorrow and let it grow out now to start over. That's how bad it was. It fried my hair so bad that it feels like straw and no amount of conditioner is helping it. And I paid $30 for this junk! My hair straightens great with a regular $7 relaxer from the store, and I paid 4 times that for this garbage. Don't use unless you want UNstraightened hair and you want fried hair.

  • BigBlooVroom - Works great & a great price

    We adopted two cats from a shelter recently. The older (1.5 year-old) female is very sweet, but was majorly stressed out by the change. She spent the last six months in a cage there, so it's not hard to imagine why she was struggling to adapt, but we were coming to the point of wondering if we'd have to rehome her. She was hiding in terrible places, not eating, howling like crazy in the early morning hours, and was very hostile to our 5 month-old male kitten. Our vet recommended this product and it has calmed her considerably and worked right away. It's such a relief to be able to keep the silly girl without the hair-pulling.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Stuff, Glad it is still for sale.

    I bought a can of this stuff about 10 years ago. It worked well on just about anything I used in on. Squeaky hinges, fan motors, cables, etc. I misplaced the can and found it several years later. The can was dented and discolored. I needed some oil for something sticking and used this. Now, 3 years later, I needed to lubricate a door knob. Found the same can and used it with great success. I still have over a half a can of the stuff left. A little goes a long way. I highly recommend this item. It is very hard to find though.

  • Amazon Customer - Someone suggested this was better than the fenugreek I was taking

    I have been struggling with supply after the stress of having my newborns hospitalized with RSV. Someone suggested this was better than the fenugreek I was taking. Honestly - it works about the same, but at more than double the cost I've gone back to just regular fenugreek.

  • J. Dunsmore - Great game!

    Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 w/ Top Shot Elite is a terrific game. Great fun to play and great graphics. Bought this for our grandson for Christmas. He plays it all the time. Highly recommend this game.