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  • E. Merrill - not safe for children

    I would caution you not to read too much into the advertising claims. You can see on the package that it reads "safe for children." I suffered several bruises and a couple bite marks when I tried slicing the children with this. I don't consider that safe.

  • momnson - They have been curing cancer for years, check this out!

    Wonderful, again no need to die from cancer, NEVER! Alternative ways that have been proven over and over again that Chemo, Radiation, and other "main stream" medical advise is not always the bests.

  • TRATCS - Stinky!

    I have been using the Invati products including the scalp revitalizer now for about a month. I do not notice any difference in how thick my hair is (or feels). I will say it does look very healthy. My biggest complaint is that the the scalp revitalizer and the conditioner smell just terrible. (The shampoo I can live with.) The conditioner smells like wet clay. I would swear that the revitalizer has patchouli oil in it (which I believe was actually referred to once on television as "stinky oil"). I am very sensitive to smells and personally don't like the smell of most of the Aveda products anyway, (I find the odor heavy and oppressing) but this line is definitely the worst they have come up with yet, in my opinion. Guess I'm just not an "essential oil" type of person.

  • Mark Reece - Works awesome!

    I bought this and basically just plug and it works! I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new taillight!

  • Hillary Groves - The best...

    I probably would never be able to Breast feed if it was not for these capsules! They really do work and are a life saver for m and my son.. I take four a day and when I had run out, I noticed a quick decrease in supply so I reordered and were getting back their again! They may be pricey but worth it and not as expensive as formula...