Partnership for Transparency Fund - Advancing citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency and reduce corruption in developing countries.

  • Join Us | Partnership for Transparency Fund - PTF is run almost entirely on the generosity of volunteers. Join us and help amplify the voices of the millions of citizens across our world who deserve dignity
  • Independent Evaluations | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Independent Evaluations of PTF Projects Key finding: “Donors should allocate sufficient funding to the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) (and to other
  • Annual Report & Financial Statements | Partnership for Transparency Fund - PTF envisions societies where citizens succeed in making their government free of corruption. Our approach to realizing this vision focuses on incubating
  • Board Directors | Partnership for Transparency Fund - PTF's Board of Directors brings together a diverse range of individuals from different parts of the world with extensive experience of anti-corruption and
  • Internal Governance | Partnership for Transparency Fund - PTF is committed to conducting all aspects of its activities in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, and adhering to the highest standards of
  • Programs | Partnership for Transparency Fund - PTF programs strive to help improve governance – greater accountability, responsiveness to citizens and transparent public activities – to promote participatory
  • Regions | Partnership for Transparency Fund - PTF provides grants to civil society organizations across the developing world. In its first decade more than 250 projects have been funded for a total PTF
  • Africa | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Projects in Africa have varied from preventing misappropriation of malaria medicines to increasing transparency in the local education system. In Cameroon,
  • East Asia | Partnership for Transparency Fund - PTF is currently managing the knowledge and learning (K&L) components of two programs in East Asia funded by the Global Partnership for Social
  • Central & Eastern Europe | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Our portfolio in the Central and Eastern Europe region has included over 45 projects – nearly a quarter of all PTF supported projects – carried out between 2000
  • Latin America and the Caribbean | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Our anti-corruption activities in Latin America have been based largely around work with the Regional Fund to Promote Transparency (FONTRA). The FONTRA program
  • South Asia | Partnership for Transparency Fund - In South Asia, most PTF endeavors were part of a larger strategy funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID). The umbrella
  • Health Care Delivery | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Some of the stolen government drugs recovered after a police raid at Ayago Market in the Apac of Uganda in October 2014 encouraged by a tip to the CAP program's
  • Women’s Involvement | Partnership for Transparency Fund - The effects of corruption have different, and often disproportionate, impacts on women than men due to prevailing social and cultural norms that deny political,
  • Education Services | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Nearly 10 percent of PTF supported projects have been directed at fighting corruption in education. The projects addressed problems of governance, poor
  • Public Food Distribution Systems | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Public food distribution schemes provide an important source of food security for the poor, but are also areas that are ripe for corruption. PTF has worked with
  • Public Works Safety Net Programs | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Publically-funded rural works programs are popular means for governments to provide social saftey nets for the poor while developing basic infrastructure in
  • Resources | Partnership for Transparency Fund - PTF strives to support innovative approaches, learn from its work and share the knowledge gained from the more than 220 projects we've supported to enhance
  • Books & Reports | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Civil Society & Development: Global Trends, Implications and Recommendations for Stakeholders in the 2030 Agenda The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
  • Case Studies | Partnership for Transparency Fund - The PTF Case Study Series showcases how civil society organizations (CSOs) have taken action to tackle corruption and counter failures in public service
  • Lessons Learned | Partnership for Transparency Fund - Learning from the many projects implemented by civil society organizations (CSOs) across the developing world that PTF has and does support is central to PTF’s
  • Working Papers | Partnership for Transparency Fund - The PTF Working Paper Series connects Citizens and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) around the world with knowledge, experience and advice on anti-corruption

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  • Ed C - Good Irons Poor Grips

    This is a good set of irons. Don't believe the hype about extra distance and all that. I am a 10 handicap and have used 4 different sets of irons over the past 25 years. Iron technology does make clubs more forgiving not longer. What makes clubs longer is the fact that club manufacturers gradually decrease the loft of the pitch thru 4 iron, therefore making them longer. That's why all club sets come with gap wedges now when there was no such thing 20 years ago. Now the standard loft on a pitch is drastically different than that of a sandy so manufactures had to bridge the gap. No pun intended. All that being said these clubs set up nicely, they are solid even high on the club face and out on the toe, 2 of my favorite places to strike the ball on a bad day. The grips are sorry. The worst i have ever seen. They are paper thin and you better have a couple of newish gloves if you play in high humidity especially in the mornings. Best thing you can do is anticipate having to buy new grips right off unless you play in a low humidity type of environment or never get them wet at all. I already replaced mine with Golf Pride half cords and I haven't had the clubs for a month yet. If you are using an older set of irons or are thinking of changing from blades to cavity backs you will see a difference in the distance because of what I said before but you will definitely be happy with the extra margin for error you get with the perimeter weighting these clubs offer. I would have rated these clubs higher if not for the POS grips Nike used.

  • Steve - Must Have for Long Range Shooting

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  • Jonathan - Excellent Story Book!!!

    In this book there are many tales that are retold by Ann McGovern. They are used to teach morals, especially to children. Some fables that are in the book are, "The Fox and the Grapes", "The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf", and "The Goose with the Golden Eggs." The morals that are portrayed in these fables have very good lessons that teach kids what not to do in the future while they are growing up. I would recommend this book to a friend and to young readers (children). I would also recommend the books, "The Runaways" and "A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose, and Thoughts for the Mind, Body, and Soul."