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Country:, Europe, BG

City: 24.7167 Lovech, Bulgaria

  • Matt D.S - Zippo Hand Warmer

    I bought this Zippo hand warmer, I choose the Chrome one. I bought this because I love Zippo and collect Zippo lighters. Unlike my lighters I filled this baby up and lit it. I live in Cali. so I don't need this in the spring and summer, but during the winter this is going to come in handy. I lit it hours ago and the things still Very Warm. When you light it at First you got to put extra fluid in it. But it works GREAT If its cold out, It looks just like the picture and work just like I'de expect, Great Buy. I would actually expect it to sell for more.

  • Serg08 - This is the safest and best fertilizer for your lawn *DO NOT BUY ON AMAZON AS IT IS GROSSLY OVERPRICED*

    I've been using this for my lawn and I have to say it works wonders. I purchased a house with a shared front lawn which looked quite frail and green-yellowish colored. I applied this product and about a month later my neighbor asked if I was putting steroids into my lawn. My half of the lawn looked absolutely beautiful compared to his side of the lawn. The best thing about this product is that it's dummy proof. You WILL NOT burn your grass if you put more than the recommended amount since it's organic. I recently tried buying this product again at Home Depot and they were not in stock. I then tried Scott's Iron and Fertilizer mix and I ended up burning my grass. I followed the exact instructions but my drop spreader continues to drop granules even though I closed off the switch when I have to turn. This created small patches of more product at those locations where I stopped which in turn burned my grass. A lot of fertilizers are synthetic so it's very easy to burn your grass if you make a mistake or use too much at once. Milorganite is very safe, will not burn your grass since it's organic and will make your grass look green and healthy. I highly recommend this product but buy it from your local hardware store or Home Center. I bought a 36 lb bag for $12 at Home Depot in New York.

  • Sjvila - My new best friend

    It took me some thinking and reviewing before actually purchasing the slendertone. But went through it and am so glad I did. This product works! It is a little uncomfortable at first but you can really feel the tightening of the core. I expected instant gratification or at least soreness but it took about 4 days before I started to feel sore. BUT thats not the best part!! Men, you can skip this part. Women: I received this product while on my cycle. and I was so excited to try it I didnt even care that I had thunder cramps. The slendertone SMOOTHED or RUBBED out the CRAMPS!! it was so soothing! so not only do I have a product that will tone my core, but also a cramp relieving miracle machine?! I would spend double what I paid! WORTHIT!

  • hunterclm - Plump it up!

    Great pout without the overly "my lips are on fire" tingle. Gloss is clear and gives depth to you lipstick color.

  • Amazon Customer - Great value - reasonably easy to setup

    My neighbor in the cul-de sac had a break in a couple of months ago which of course scared most of the neighbors. Had several security companies come around and give me quotes for install of their systems. One of the more reputable local alarm companies were looking for ~$3K for hardware plus ~$2K for install plus high monitoring fees.